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  1. No doesn't really help anyone, either give your own opinion which isn't like "make this class completely crap" or it doesn't have any constructive point to post.
  2. Disclaimer: These are simply my opinions, so, keep that in mind when/if you decide to rage at me because I might suggest your class needs a nerf. Keep in mind I will be using imperial measuring, and obviously the same changes apply to the republic side mirror. Sorcerer changes: -10% blocked on Static barrier. Sprint cooldown increased by 10 seconds. Force Lightning slow reduced to 35%, but channeled time is now 2.5 seconds instead of 3 seconds with the same damage. Mercenary changes: Tracer missile now has a 1.5 second cast time instead of 2 seconds, but has a 3 second cooldown. Power Shot can now proc all the same effects as tracer missile (except heat signatures), and is added to the arsenal spec heat dispersal at 8 heat vented if you crit. Booster Jets: You now move 40% faster for 4 seconds, 25 second cooldown, mercenary only ability, available level 50. The passive armor penetration of high velocity cylinder reduced to 30% from 35%. Marauder changes: Predation now only costs 15 stacks of fury. Sniper changes: Ballistic Cover now is called "Mobile Cover" which projects a shield of cover around you and nearby allies instead of being stationary. Still lasts 15 seconds and has 3 minute cooldown. Gives the effect of being in cover, while on the move, does not require cover to activate. General changes: At 50 Huttball fire needs to do more damage (4k per tick instead of 3k) due to the increased health pools of level 50 players. Huttball also needs a new buff that will spawn on top of the grating that is directly above the acid pools at mid, called "Gravity Stabilizers" for 5 seconds after picking up this buff you are immune to knockbacks and knockdowns. If you're still with me, thanks for reading.
  3. > Implying Bioware didn't just make world of warcraft with cut scenes.
  4. I hate, HATE guild wars 1, and let me tell you, guild wars 2 looks pretty awesome.
  5. They really do need to merge, having servers with 50 or less people on the fleet is pretty sad. Good luck getting a warzone to pop, let alone finding a group for hm's. My server has around 200-300 on the fleet at peak and that only because I picked one of the bigger servers at launch. If I had picked a low pop server I would have quit by now, why keep playing if you can't do anything?
  6. 2/10 The combat can be fun at times when it works, and alderaan is okay. But since I'm imperial I get butthaul 99/100 times I've pretty much stopped pvping.
  7. Dude, it's the first tier of the game at the very start of the game, honestly, you're complaining they haven't released uber leet maxed out L00tz yet?
  8. Not raging, just disappointed, I want this game to succeed, it just seems like bioware is trying to make me hate it.
  9. This made me laugh out loud for real, #1 post in the forums.
  10. I was being spawn camped... how is that possibly ramboing.
  11. Actually, sages and sorcs would be the runner up for most overpowered class after operative.
  12. Operatives + huttball have already made me cancel.
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