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  1. I have, as a A.S. Vanguard, one 4s single target stun, one 2'5 (3 with pvp stuff) AoE stun, a permanent single target 50% slow with autoattacks and ion pulse and a harpoon. The other trees have other talents (tho most of those were common for all Vanguards), I sincerely don't think we need more CC.
  2. Improves all of the skills, if that's what you're asking. "How much"... depends on every skill.
  3. Is it worth any use on pvp? I mean, it's going to reduce all abilities accuracy by 20%, or just the ones with "weapondamage"? Any feedback on this? Thank you in advance!
  4. Lol. You can't even imagine how hard I'm laughing. It's so STUPID that I would never have though on doing so. Really. Stupid. LOL.
  5. I don't think it's fine. I don't even think it's competitive. They have so much to fix, improve and repair. But as other games do aswell. Your example of the sports it's simply a lackluster. 90% here in Europe watch football. Say 90%, 80%, 70%, whatever. It's absolutely without doubt the majoritary sport, from every 5 minutes of the sports section in any news program, 4'5 are dedicated to it. And is football well done? No. It's still a sport where when the ball goes off the playing zone, the timer keeps going on. Where it doesn't matter how obvious a fault is or it is not, referees do NOT ever watch a replay to confirm their choices. Yet still 70-80-90% people interested in sports keeps constantly viewing it as their main choice. And I could keep the whole night talking about how many issues this sport or any other does. Or anything, doesn't need to be a sport. Instead, I just simply try to report every bug I see on the game through grinding up my characters. I don't expect a perfect game. Sometimes you even laugh to some bugs. Professions need to be balanced and made useful, they need to fix the equipment purchase overall, several bugs need to be fixed in most aspects of the game and, again, I could stay the whole night, and probably the rest of the week counting things that need to be fixed and I won't even finish. But you're simply not contributing to nothing in making this thread. You might see yourself as a hardcore gamer who stands for the justice and who is never wrong, I only see a dumb guy that tells me that he can "write in the colour that he wants" and that I can just stop reading him if that makes me upset, yet when others told him to stop using cyan, he changed it. Basically you're bored and you've decided to waste your time here. It's fine. You're still better than those who decide to spend their time being afk on warzones. Unless you're being afk on a warzone right now while you complain here . I'm playing at the republic side and on republic fleet I've seen a regular 120~~150 population on 10--12 pm since preorder days. If you think you're the only one who check things out, come down from your rainbows. But I guess there will come your "then your server might be a special case" or whatever you want to call it. tl;dr: You're not helping anyone creating this. Your post is as useless as this one of mine, since you'll probably just quote me and answer me with a brand new pony-rainbow colour font telling me how foolish I am, even when I've already said I share some of your points and just asked you to not take out data from nowhere.
  6. Sendotux

    Level 10's

    I would put level 15 cap to warzones. Between levels 10-15 you gain a bunch of abilities that are really useful to you (as far as I can tell, my Vanguard received between those levels the grenade stun, the taunt and the tank stance+shield, which are 3 skills that can completely break a match by themselves, and I'm pretty sure those weren't the only importants, since we can throw Sprint there aswell). Basically because a level 10 is someone that is something that won't determine the game and basically it makes the match a 8v7 or 8v7'5 at much unless the other team is utterly retarded. So I see a lvl 15 cap a reasonable solution if they want to keep only a lvl 1-49 and a lvl 50 brackets. Also, it takes an hour to go from 10 to 15 on questlines. Why mess up with other people when you can simply can grind it up and THEN do some pvp that everyone will enjoy further? I woulnd't enjoy joining pvp at lvl 10 and getting outmanouvered just due not having CC or the correct stance for my talent tree, I don't even understand why people join at these lowlowlowlow levels.
  7. They did. And I was pretty aware of this even before they changed the caps. ----- Also, can you please stop changing the colour of your font? You're wishing to feel special or something? If people tells you to stop putting things in cyan, orange is not going to make it better. Unlike the others, I've actually read your posts and I agree with some of your points. But don't put here stupid things taken from nowhere, if you want to complain use reliable sources, don't just throw some numbers there from your own experience. People won't take you seriously if you do so.
  8. Switching from Nadia to Kira when playing with my alter is... rofl. I'm still laughing from the first time I heard that "Eat lightsaber, jerk!". @ontopic: After all the good story and questlines, finally I found her and... Yes. That moment. Where the hell did she took that lightsaber from. Just tell me where. And when did she learnt to use it? dafuc.
  9. Many thanks!! I really appreciate your input!!
  10. I've been searching for this for a long time but I've gotten no answer yet. The first thing is: On level 49-50 blue recipes, I can RE them to purple recipes Tier1. As of now I've still not gotten any Tier2 coming from a blue base item, so my question is: Do the Tier2 Artifact Items from blue base require those items that are dropped on HM flashpoints (which are like the "orbs" from wow as long as I understand)? Just because I've seen this: Greens (only regular items) -> Blues Tier 1 (regular + blue silks) -> purples Tier 2 (regular + blue silks + epic silks from U.Trading crits) Blue (regular items+ blue silks) -> Purples Tier 1 (regular + blue silks + epic silks) -> Purples Tier 2 ( regular + blue silks + epic silks + ?????) Just because the Rakata epics from vendor do require those, though they are bound on crafting so I don't know what to thing about this. Anyone who can answer me that? My second question is way easier to explain and understand: How the hell does the companions affection//stats affect to crits? A companion having "+5 XXX critical" means that it has a 5% more to do a critical item? or is another kind of formula? And there is any difference on crit rating between a companion with 0 and 10.000 affection?
  11. The think I don't understand is: Is really that hard to just setup X more servers for other countries besides France/Germany/UK? I mean, Lucasarts, Bioware. They're not like starting companys who need to save money and are releasing a product they don't know how popular will be. It's Star Wars. Star Wars. It's not an usual game, saga or whatever. It's an Star Wars MMO. They DO KNOW they'll get thousands of subscribers in each country. I don't mind talking in english, or having the game not translated. I don't care about that, it's not a problem for me, I can understand it. But again, seriously, how much does cost to set up 5 servers (or any other number) for spanish players? I have nothing against french, deustch or english people. Absolutely nothing. If we don't get servers for our own, i'll be glad to make friends and know people from these countries. But why we have to be forced to do so? As another said before me, this will just lead on other people not as respectful (or that they simply don't know how to talk in english) to either group massively on other servers or playing alone in a server that they can't even comunicate with anyone. The first servers will have pissed off due people not speaking the intended language of that server, and the seconds will have people in the same mood due having absolutely nobody to chat with. I'm really dissapointed with this. It's not about having to do another full translation of spoken up dialogues. It's just about giving everyone their own place to play.
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