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  1. 72 I quit the night before 1.2 out of sheer boredom.
  2. Did you read the post? Go look at TSW system, 500 abilities able to be mixed and matched anyway you want. RIFT, each calling has 8 souls which included 3 41 point trees. Combine those souls anyway you want.
  3. Top on my list Get rid of the 31 point talent trees. At the heart of an mmoRPG is the talent system. When content runs out, and you have a deep talent system, there is still fun to be had and discovered. As things stand right now, once you find a "rotation" the game play of your toon will never change. It will be the samething over and over for the foreseeable future. As an example I will give you RIFT. I played waaay more warzones there over 10 months than I did here. They didn't get repetitive because there was always room for me to change and grow. After 1000 warzones here they became unbearable. It literally was the same thing over and over. TSW is an even better example than RIFT of a deep talent system. Please add your input in the name of making the game better for the future.
  4. At this point Ranked Warzones alone in it's current form would not be enough for me to return. I was hoping for a solo performance based system similar to a FPS (I don't play fps's btw) Ranked warzones like BW is doing will fail like WoW ranked warzones did. side note - it's like someone stole cataclysm design notes, and BW was like "gogogo!"
  5. The simple and balanced part rings true. swtor original balance was amazing. That balance alone was impressive, but when you couple that with 31 point trees (why the hell did they make 31 point tress!?!?) The game becomes just too simple with no depth. Once you have a pvp "rotation" that's the way it's gonna be until the end of time. Now if we had an ability wheel like TSW the 4 15 minute battle grounds would be ok.
  6. Time to grab a drink and a snack and look back through the predictions. Maybe even make a little list
  7. from here if i'm not mistaken. http://mmodata.blogspot.com/ edit - ^^^^ from here. http://users.telenet.be/mmodata/Charts/Subs-1.png pretty damn accurate
  8. The question is CAN you play this game with 500k subs.
  9. These thread titles the last couple days have been EPIC. Pure brilliance.
  10. i just don't know what to say anymore. I do lots of laughing. /singed I agree with OP.
  11. It's another incomplete system OP. I'm sure they were planning on adding all types of gear for all levels, but things came up... I'm sure it will be done in time for the cash shop.
  12. I'd do it like RIFT.
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