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  1. Actually there would be a lot more negative posts if it weren't for the disappearing act. Ironically, if negative posts would have stayed on, been listened to and acted upon, the whole situation might have been averted. It is now too late however, so hey, fuggedaboudit
  2. It's too late anyway. Game is dead. 400k subs and dropping. There would be more info on this but somehow it keeps disappearing.
  3. Actually it's worse, they didn't buy many boxes. Sales of SWTOR have been poor in those new countries.
  4. Warhammer sold 1.2 million boxes at release. http://www.videogamer.com/pc/warhammer_online_age_of_reckoning/news/warhammer_online_sales_reach_1_2_million.html Just google it. Or check wikipedia even: Warhammer Online initially received favorable reviews. GameSpy gave it 5 out of 5 stars and claimed, "[it] has hit the ground running with one of the best MMO experiences we've had in a long time."[28] GameSpot gave it a 8.5 out of 10 and said, "Questers and explorers may not find what they're looking for, and certain gameplay systems don't mesh as well as they should. Nevertheless, there's more than enough exciting PvP content here to keep newcomers and veterans alike immersed in the perpetually violent tug of war between the forces of Order and Destruction."[27] Warhammer Online has an aggregate score of 86% on metacritic.com[24] and 87% GameRankings.com.[23] As of September 30, 2008, WAR had sold 1.2 million copies and had 800,000 registered users.[31] As of October 10, 2008, Mythic Entertainment announced that 750,000 people were playing Warhammer Online.[32] As of December 31, 2008, the number of active WAR subscribers had decreased to "over 300,000 paying subscribers in North America and Europe."[33] As of May 5, 2009, Electronic Arts executives confirmed in an investor conference that they have 300,000 subscribers as of the end of March 2009,[34] shortly after the company reported a loss of $1.08 billion in the financial year for 2009.[35] Consequently, the number of servers was drastically reduced[36] in order to consolidate the remaining population. The total number of servers was reduced to 13 and the number of role-playing servers was reduced to 1.[37] Since this date, several servers were stopped, particularly in Europe, and there remained only 9 servers : 4 in the USA and 5 in Europe (including 2 in German & 1 in French). As of February 9, 2011, 2 other U.S. Servers and 1 German server have been removed, leaving a total of 6 servers worldwide (2 in the US, 4 in Europe).[38] Since December 14, 2011, the game is now down to 3 servers, one for the US, one for Germany and one for the rest of Europe not including Germany.
  5. Warhammer has 2 servers, worldwide. It had 1.x million boxes sold, just like SWTOR. That is a collapse. Half the team who developed SWTOR came from Warhammer and repeated the same mistakes. It's very similar.
  6. They won't do it this week or the next certainly, since EA needs to pretend to investors that SWTOR isn't down to 400k subs.
  7. The lead developers are arrogant, uncommunicative and incompetent. That is why SWTOR is below 400k subs. Dead game is dead.
  8. Nothing of SWTOR is thriving. The subs are below 400k and tumbling. Game is dead.
  9. Watch them hide the fact that SWTOR subs are below 400k. They'll be using all the free month people to obfuscate the numbers. Hopefully one of the analysts will call them on it, would be interesting what kind of alibi they provide for that one.
  10. Gamers hate EA and especially Origin. They should scrap the whole thing.
  11. Expect expansions like what Warhammer got. SWTOR is a dead game, there won't be much new content from here on.
  12. It doesn't matter, they don't listen to feedback anyway. No point posting any.
  13. Someone made a fantastic, constructive post on how to fix Ilum on the PVP forum. It was quite long, but had great ideas, and expanded world PVP using areas of the other planets as well. The thread was deleted.
  14. No it's the other link, the one with graphs and numbers. I have no idea what link you followed, but it was the wrong one.
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