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  1. Now we know why the bugs are not being fixed. promise features are getting pushed back. If you spent as much time worrying about the current state of the game as you have with implementing all this free to pay crap, the game might be better. So is all this free to play options going to be buggy as hell when implemented and which is going to take priory in fixing? The free to play crap or the main game content?
  2. I need many many slots. I want to try all 8 classes I want to try all advance classes. x2 = 16 I want to try all races x 10 = 160 I want to try both male and female. x 2 = 320 I want to try all 3 trees in each class x 3 = 960 I want to go Light side and dark side and remain neutral x 3 = 2880 You adding more Cathars? That is additional 288 = 3760 slots. make it so.
  3. Nah they sent themselves a trial account and paid the game. It cost them 15 dollars to say I got it first.
  4. The level cap is probably going to be small. I would say 2-3 levels. If Bioware does it right then any gear drops would not be better than what we have now. Maybe different looking (hopefully colors added). Ideally a new mod slot would be better than throwing away gear. A reinforcement Mod that will add greater armor to the custom gear. So I don't see new greens dropping that are better than the gear you have at high level. But I would imagine that there would be new mods to put in your current gear. MK-7 anyone? Enhancements 23-25?
  5. Their aren't new crystals. Just putting two in the same light saber. This would be the only use for a red and blue not to have light side or dark side restrictions. A blue and red would give a different shade of purple than that is already in the game. Or it could be a way to introduce Neutral gear. The red and blue crystals together causing the neutrality.
  6. You heard the light side answer to your question. Here is the dark side. To bad for you. These only drop for snipers and snipers always win the rolls.
  7. I think they should come out with some new colors that will have to use two different color crystals. This second Placement slot would be crafted by artifice (seeing how they got overlooked on augments), just like augment kits.
  8. Now make me a ninja sword for when I ninja loot.
  9. Space the final frontier. These are the Voyages of the Starship Bioware. It's 5 year lo mission to separate us from our money, to exploit its players with strange new money sinks, to seek out new ways of frustration, to boldly take gamers to where they have never gone before. You will need this new special attachment to play the new improved space combat game. http://cdn.walyou.com/wp-content/uploads//2010/05/Star-Wars-Clone-Wars-Republic-Squadron-TV-Games.jpg
  10. I already give them 15 dollars a month. See what I did there?
  11. What gets me is they post that they are restarting the servers less than 15 minutes before they do it. I didn't see any in game notice that the servers were going down. And the post it in a yellow sticky titled "Lag issues" instead of "Hey we are restarting the servers in less than 15 minutes!"
  12. This is why Bioware usually shuts down the forums when the servers are down. Everyone has to make their own thread about the servers being down. Or not back up on time. ect..ect..ect.
  13. One complaint to many. Bioware is teaching us a lesson. These are not the servers you are logging on. Move along.
  14. From Q&A Archive Found here. http://www.swtor.com/blog/community-qa-june-22nd-2012#d
  15. Since the item in question is bound to your account. I would submit a ticket and ask nicely. The worst they can do is say no.
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