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  1. You really compare swtor's ezmode to Aion? Liek you get 100-300AP for a kill and you need 1 200 000 AP just to buy a mainhand? And you get even less if your rank is higher then your enemy's? And you lose AP if you get killed in PVP. Liek you lose 15 000 AP if a Rank XX warrior kills you when you're a General. And you get around 20AP from him.
  2. Destroying guilds? Guild's Message of the day: we all went to [servername]?
  3. Any chance of 'Satele: a Naughty Jedi Tale' *movie? *coughpr0ncough*
  4. I just wanted to ask (not trolling, really, I just wanna know) - SWTOR has 218 servers right? And 1.3 mil players. That means about 6k players/each server. Are they invisible? O_o
  5. You didn't say that, stop lying. I don't see the word MORE here, do you? And why would you call me a nerd? O_o Because I googled party sizes of other games? xD
  6. I got a new Legacy perk today - now my grenade can unsub up to 8 targets in 1 gcd (if the target is stunlocked ofc). This perk can only be seen by members of stunlocking teams obviously.
  7. Yeah, too bad it's not Lineage 2... There the OP would be instantly PKed the moment he leaves the fleet, then it's clanwar and your clan can't get anywhere, because they get ganked, then they kick you, cuz you caused it and then you re-roll. Ah... good times.
  8. Dunno about healing problems. We usually have a sorc+oper healer, but yesterday we ran denova with an oper+merc healers.
  9. Really? Black talon enrage? It's either BM gear (crap for pve) or your dps is awful. Also she enrages after the 3rd Nova.
  10. Ofc you can. Force speed helps a lot, right? And since 90% of mobs are ranged kiting is really easy.
  11. Concealment, using Lokin, 2050 Cunning (Rakata/BH). Soloing everything (haven't tried black hole yet).
  12. If you are stealing aggro from your tank in your pvp gear, then your tank is not good. Or his gear sucks.
  13. You can already craft Exotech items = Columi.
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