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  1. because frankly, im really irritated that they took a game that had so much promise and dropped numerous disasters on it. however you're right, i shouldent be in the thread. to OP: you have to get an account, at the very least digital game. have to put 60 dollars in the kitty per playing account to startup.
  2. Your post would be quite well done, if it were true, but it's not. "you complain about a problem and they fix it." This is where it is not true. We complained about many problems, which they have not fixed, and have only created new problems with disastrous patches. They turned a good game into a terrible one in 30 days. That's why we say they aren't listening. If they have new systems to listen now, well, that's great, but for me, its too little, too late.
  3. If "monumental success" means servers go from heavy to light in a space of one month, then you are a creative person who uses creative language. What i'm upset about is that i liked this game when i started playing it, and then... well.. the disaster patches started.
  4. Pros: Story is best in genre, but not up to bioware standards. Cons: Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, Bioware apparently doesnt know what the acronym "pvp" means, evidenced by disaster patch after disaster patch. Weak pve endgame, LFG system that was outdated in 2005, no mods, horrible UI, once the class story's over, the bordem begins.
  5. if you can honestly say that you like this game, then i feel for you.
  6. Don't abuse your girlfriend by asking her to play this awful game.
  7. ...now lets see that stats for how many people left this flaming pile of excrement after the 1.1 patch.
  8. Excellent post that biodrones will ignore.
  9. Best forum post ever made on these forums by far.
  10. yes, because instead of having modern tools in a modern rpg, we should be forced into harassing people.
  11. stoped tolerating this garbage as of the great illum debacle of january 18th. They got my money that month, but wont be getting any more.
  12. Bioware's track record from my stand point has been this, 100% -> Patch -> bad things happen. The most powerful example is of course, the sighting of the iceburg on january 18th. It has been a privilege and an honor playing with you gentlemen.
  13. not terribly surprising, looking at bioware's track record so far. the forumla seems to be this: Bioware patches the game = something bad happens Patch -> bad
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