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  1. I’ve put together a bounty hunter SH using NS as the base with a specific room off the main casino/cantina floor as a Mandalorian specific staging room. You’re more than welcome to come check it out on SF or you can see some pictures of it on Tor Decorating’s website: https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/2021-vissionarys-hideout-pt-1-star-forge/ https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/2021-vissionarys-hideout-pt-2-star-forge/
  2. Vissionary


    Someone say stall wall?
  3. Simple solution ... make copies require prefabs to unlock. You shift the market away from buying individual decos which may, or more likely may not, exist in the number of units you need and spreads those otherwise spent credits to the prefab market.
  4. I put a powercell under a Power Conduit (Green) (https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/power-conduit-green/) with a Iokath Hex Light (https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/iokath-hex-light/) on the ceiling hook right above to to cap it in my Nar Shaddaa SH. There's a lot of really neat things you can pull off with a couple powercells that's for sure.
  5. I toyed with a powercell under my spa but it just wasn't enough "party" for me ... so I tossed a dance floor from the casino event under it and now let's just say there's enough party to go around for everyone!
  6. As promised: https://imgur.com/a/2PRw0ep
  7. I haven't even bothered to open this stronghold up on my personal stronghold list, it's just too darn big to deal with individually. So rather than spend hundreds of millions on opening up and decorating it for myself, I donated some funds and we opened it up as the guild stronghold and it's amazing! So much easier to just donate 100 copies of whatever instead of having to buy those copies off the GTN. I'll get some pictures later today, but the first PvP area is a pretty sweet battle scene playing out with tanks and a turret.
  8. Y'all will still have to deal with my premade of solid support (i.e. me, my tank and 2 DPS) ... it just got easier to completely avoid us and roll the defense modded sage we got grouped with. I've said before I don't like the changes that limits to roles people enjoy playing, but I can move on that point if it means people think games will become fairer (you'll still have a hard time killing a tank/heal combo without some coordination but I digress). The problem this change brought was not the limiting of roles but rather it was the attempt to include some sort of skill factor into an equation that couldn't handle it. If I lose enough rounds my experience may change, but that still means the high ranked guy that took my spot will encounter the same issues that I have been encountering so far this week and that is the problem, not my reluctance to be able roll 2 healers and 2 DPS in a group queue. /IFedTheTrolls
  9. Just an example of the boulders we've had to carry this first week: 1. Sage with absorb mods 2. Sentinel with only 1 saber 3. Guardian missing 1/2 his gear It don't matter how high my personal ELO rating is, the best PvPers in this game couldn't carry those folks to a civil war win. I hope you're right, and that the teams will eventually even out for me personally but that doesn't fix the problem that the highest end players will always be saddled with the absolute worst of the absolute worst ... and when you've worked to get that good at what you do, playing with bads is just frustrating.
  10. What do I think? I think this match making idea is absolute disaster from my vantage point and personally I've lost a lot of my desire to continue to PvP. I am fine with BW artificially limiting the number of tanks and healers in match (even though I play a combat medic), but what I do have a problem with is how the game is determining the rest of team make ups. My guild and I have a very high win/loss ratio over the last 2 years or so because: a) we're decent PvPers for the most part; and b) we play to objectives versus just farming numbers (say what you will about premades in regs, but I enjoy objective based PvP and I like playing with friends). As a result of the matchmaking changes and our assumed above average regs ratings, when we queue up now we get put with the absolute worst boulders our server can muster to try and average out the mystical "ELO" between the groups and try as I might, I can't carry 4 boulders across the hutball line. What does this mean to me? Well first, it means I lose a lot more often than I am used to and while the Imps on SS may find that enjoyable I sure don't, but more importantly it's getting me more and more frustrated with a game I used to enjoy. I can no longer trust that the left side of my ops frame will be able to pull their weight, and that is frustrating. I can no longer play with my group of friends in any personal meaningful way in PvP, and that is frustrating. But overall I can no longer see myself playing this game long term, and that is truly frustrating. So yeah, if the left side of my ops frame is an absolute dumpster fire I'll probably just leave at this point and let the other side have their ROFLstomp because I just don't need that negatively in my life.
  11. Here's my Coruscant Skyrise Apartment: https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/vissionarys-galactic-stronghold-the-harbinger/ Just finishing up my Kuat rep so I can put a bomber in the hanger and it's 100% complete!
  12. I just finished the first PvP area in Rishi to mimic a ground battle against a fixed turret, and it's looking rather good at this moment (hot springs for artillery craters ftw) ... but the hardest thing I found was that everyone has a different idea of what "good" is and lots of them have gold keys and want to move or change things around and my OCD can't deal!
  13. Do we need to call someone for you? You seem a bit upset about something
  14. Except you know, when they don’t ... so do I stop resisting now or later?
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