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  1. Id be okay if they ditched or kept minimal romances moving forward but had character interactions based on your choices in the chapters. More "meet me in the cantina / war room / ship" type conversations. So many companions that our characters have barely conversed with outside a chapter but are critical to the alliance. Build more on that instead of more space hookups, marriages, flirting, etc of any orientation...
  2. I had picked it up Tuesday. The R8 droid kill I got Tuesday night didnt count, but I tried the group drop method after seeing it in general chat and got the results above.
  3. Was literally just checking for other posts like this to be sure I wasnt reposting. Can confirm that after dropping group at 2-3%, I got credit for Flesh and Steel and Weekly: Masterwork Data Crystal. Also was able to get my loot and roll on the crystal container drop. +1 for PSA on this workaround
  4. Any known workarounds for the ossus world bosses?
  5. With you guys here on the F&S bug and filed the ticket. Even got the achievement proving I got credit for the kill, just no credit for the missions.
  6. Tatooine does have strongholds. I don't think it matters whether you have personally unlocked it or not, the existence of all the loaded Tatooine strongholds (and their decoration assets) is what I suspect is affecting that planet. Darvannis is strange. My worry is that any instance of lag or packet drop will be attributed to the same delay issue that strongholds seem to be responsible for though...
  7. So, a planet with a stronghold...
  8. That your problem is isolated to a stronghold issue? It's called diagnostics and is better than the alternative
  9. Try making a new character. See what happens.
  10. Sounds like the server died, not the flashpoint. Unknown if the two issues are related... possible, but impossible to diagnose as such. Also, I dont have the Rishi stronghold but definitely had the delay on my flagship and in my strongholds. My money is on the LOS / collision detection of decorations as the root cause.
  11. It's extremely limited if not barely noticable outside of Strongholds and Flagships. The problem as Eloi alludes, seems to be a decoration issue... any other weirdness may be caused by the background diagnostics. Played a few hours last night; had zero problems when I wasn't in a player housing instance. Granted, it may affect planets that have strongholds. I will find out when I get to those, if it isnt fixed by then. I agree with those that say extending the 2XP/CXP could buy them some goodwill though...
  12. Can add to the anecdotal evidence from just a min or two ago: Was on Flagship on my main checking the GTN. Delay there was becoming unbearable. Was getting Bid Refunds of items I had confirmed buying as well as the items themselves in a different mail. Mail Box loading times were extremely delayed. Switched to a different character that I was leveling which was still parked on Hoth. Mail Box and all interactive items are working normally.
  13. One can debate whether she deserved to be fired for what she said. That being said, she was the original source of toxicity in that instance and insulted not only an ArenaNet partner, but a good chunk of the playerbase. That doesn't excuse certain responses to her tweets, but let's not paint her as a victim of anything but her own poor decision... SWTOR? There are bad eggs, but all in all is okay
  14. Scouts headset is the earpiece and mic, right? If so, I dont believe it hides the hood on that particular armor set. It appears under the hood. Good point about the trunks though! Add the covert helm, bundle with the covert pieces and the trunks. Make some money Bioware! I want to give you my money for this lol
  15. Mine is a reference to the open beta days as well.
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