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  1. Sawbones scoundrel healer or Kinetic Shadow tank. The scoundrel healer will be the strongest healer in 1.2 (in my opinion) and they also bring the most assist-damage and especially burst-damage of all the healers. Since sentinels are the hardest class in the game to kill they pair nicely with a scoundrel's healing style (scoundrels become stronger the more resilient the target is).
  2. Biowareftw, do you honestly believe any class and/or any spec in this game is difficult to play and tough to master? Swtor is the most dumbed-down, easy-mode MMO I've ever played and MMO's are already one of the easiest competitive-pvp genres. All it takes to be "good" is a knowledge of a 4-5 button optimal rotation, some basic court-awareness ('seeing' what's going on), the ability to sustain ~30apm, and a basic knowledge of the other classes so you can anticipate what they might do so you can counter them. That's it. You don't need super fast reaction times, you don't need high sustainable APM, you don't need precise mouse movements, you don't need to master high-level mindgames and counter-strategies, you don't really need to master anything that defines "skill" in other games. Those points are true for most MMO's, but what makes swtor so much easier than pretty much every other MMO is the fact that every class is extremely simple (so there's not much to learn/master), there's very few high-skillcap/clutch abilities that top-players can utilize more optimally than a lesser-skilled player, there's not even arenas so communication and player-synchronicity (the main skill-defining aspect of most other MMO's) isn't even a necessity. Please, do everyone a favor and stop acting like any class in this game is more difficult to play (at the top level at least) than any other class. It doesn't mater if one class has to hit one key over and over and another one has to use 50. For a top-end player, both classes would be equally easy to play so the difference is negligible. And more to the point, stop acting like this game is difficult in any respect (because it's not).
  3. So all the marauder/sentinel rerollers can feel like gods and have something to slaughter?
  4. When skynet begins creating the matrix in the near future, i hope they keep you out of it, as your presence will most certainly crash GLaDOS before she can create an army of droids to retake the galaxy. That is all.
  5. The class doesn't get good until level 42. It doesn't get *******-OP until level 50 when you start to get BM gear. Marauder's scale the best with gear of all the classes and ranged classes (sorcs and mercs) don't really scale at all with gear. So marauders continue to get better as they get better gear, sorcs/mercs just stay bad for eternity.
  6. ~2 million total damage done for his team ~1 million total healing done for the enemy team 42 total deaths for the enemy team So, that leaves 1million net-damage for his team. 42 deaths each with 16k hp = 672,000 damage. 1mil - 672,000 = 328,000 unexplainable damage....or is it? The Out of combat regen/heal ability, healing consumables, and many class-specific healing abilities don't count on the scoreboard. So if the 8 enemy players each used a healing pot every 3 minutes for the ~15 minute game that's 192,000 healing. 328,000 - 192,000 = 136,000 remaining unexplained damage output. Now lets assume about 30k total healing was done via class abilities that don't count on the scoreboard, that leaves ~100k damage. Now lets account for the out of combat regen ability, there's 8 total players, 100k/8 = each player would ONLY need heal for 12,500 each over an ENTIRE 15 minute game with their OOC-regen ability. That sounds perfectly reasonable considering each of those 8 players have ~16k total health. This leaves ZERO unexplainable damage. YUP, CLEARLY SHOPPED GUIS! Man, logic/thinking is tough
  7. It has nothing to do with latency for the most part. Having high-latency might make it worse, but i personally have 20ms and i dueled a friend of mine with 20ms also to test the prediction and netcode issues, and it still happened. Every-time i used a hard-CC on him while he was running away from me, he would stop moving on my screen and then 2-5 seconds later would warp about 3-10m away. On his screen he would be in the same place the entire time though (proving it's a client-side prediction issue). Also, every time he would jump off a cliff or over a large gap, he would disappear completely on my screen and then suddenly appear 2-5 seconds later. We then tested it in reverse, where i would be the one cc'ed or jump off a ledge/cliff and the same thing would happen on his end though -- i would disappear or suddenly warp 2-5 seconds later on his screen but on my screen everything appears normal.
  8. That's not from hacks/cheats. That's 100% because of the client-server prediction being extremely bad in this game.
  9. You obviously play a mara/sent, powertech/vanguard, or shadow/assassin (or scoundrel/operative, though they're the weaker of the four 1v1 kings) Try playing a sniper, merc, or sorc and then tell me player skill is all that maters in a 1v1.
  10. Based on the very limited information you gave("zomg, he teleported from the pit to the goal"), it was safe for me to assume that's what you were talking about There's very few players using legit speed hacks and location-teleport hacks though and the original-poster is definitely not talking about hacks of any kind.
  11. And neither do you, see my post above and educate yourself.
  12. That is not a hack or an exploit. That is the prediction and client-server sync being poor. When a player is knocked back, sometimes your client will predict that they were knocked down into the pit, 2-5 seconds later the server will then send your client that players proper location and then you will suddenly see them warp up out of the pit back onto the catwalk or up the half-wall. You can test this yourself. Get a sage or sorc, duel them near a cliff, have them use force speed (the 2 second dash) and run past you with it, during their sprint attempt to knock them off the cliff. 90% of the time you will see them go over the cliff on your screen but then 2-5 seconds later they suddenly warp back up the cliff. This is most notable with force speed because it exaggerates the netcode issues because the player is moving so much faster, your client has a really hard time predicting their true location.
  13. You must be new to online games... It doesn't happen in PvE because PvE mobs aren't part of the net-code. The server sends you the exact location of the pve mobs so there's no prediction involved. It doesn't happen to the random people on the fleet because they aren't being CC'ed or their moment isn't being disrupted But you're wrong in thinking it doesn't happen to players outside warzones. Find a friend and invite them to a group. Tell them to mount up and then have them jump down a cliff or over a large gap. During that jump they will COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR on your screen and then suddenly appear 2-5seconds later. This is an example of the netcode and prediction being absolutely horrendous. The reason it happens constantly in pvp is because every time an player is CC'ed it disrupts their moment and then your client attempts to predict where their location is. Since the prediction is so bad, it just completely bugs them out and then warps them around or makes them disappear. 2-5 seconds later, the server then tells your client the EXACT location of these players and then they suddenly warp to the proper location.
  14. Wrong on the AoE point. Vanguards have the highest burst aoe in the game (burst damage is what wins in pvp). You can do about 60-70% of 5 players health in 7 seconds as a vanguard. Use relics+adrenal, toss sticky grenade on one guy that's in the pack, mortar volley, run in and use pulse cannon, then just move into a single target rotation to finish them off. If you think a sage dropping 1.5k-3k on 5 players every 6 seconds is good aoe, then idk what to tell you. A vanguards mortar volley does 1.5k-3k damage THREE times over 3 seconds on 5 people. That's like them dropping 3 telekinetic-waves in 3 seconds. Then the sticky grenade does 1.5-3k on 3 players (but it goes off during the mortar volley so it adds even more burst). Then the pulse cannon does ~3k damage on each player over 3 seconds. So in that 7 second aoe burst sequence the vanguard essentially dropped 6 telekinetic waves at the same time. The thing you need to realize is, this aoe does MASSIVE burst and actually leads to kills. The light sustained aoe that sages do is only good against teams without healers or extremely weak healers.
  15. No it's not, stop spouting nonsense. Yes, there is a 'hack' called lag switching that does what you say, but what the OP is talking about is simply piss-poor game-client prediction because of the horrible netcode and server-client synchronicity. Why do you think it only happens when you CC another player? Because when they get suddenly cc'ed it makes them stop moving or it physically moves their character (from grips or knockbacks) and then your client tries to predict where they should be but then ~2-5 seconds later the server finally tells your client exactly where they should be and then 'warps' them there suddenly. This problem alone will keep this game from ever having serious pvp. It's currently impossible to line up knockbacks on a moving target because their hitbox is actually 2-5 seconds away from where you actually see them on your end. Melee classes constantly get "out of range" and "improper character state" error messages when they're tying to hit targets after they've been cc'ed. Often times when you use a CC on an enemy they suddenly disappear on your screen (and you can't attack them at all during that time) and then warp to some random location 10-30m away as the server updates their location 2-5 seconds later. All of these issues are completely independent of your latency, your enemies latency, and has absolutely nothing to do with hacks of any kind. This games net-code is atrocious and that is what causes 99% of the rubber-banding (sudden character warping), characters randomly disappearing, the "out of range" and "unable to see that target" bugs, as well as the issues with aiming knockbacks and grapples failing to work 50% of the time.
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