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  1. Yeah Aderes youtube video shows him running at the same speed as the Kurtob lol!
  2. After the patch yesterday the Kurtob Alliance speeder is not running at the correct speed. All of my other mounts move faster and I can even run in game faster.
  3. Yeah the Kurtob is broken for sure. I can run around the fleet faster then the speeder as it is right now. All other mounts are faster even boosters.
  4. Its gonna be tough because I want to attend the Mark Hamill tribute to Carrie Fisher that night too.
  5. The panels are the SW celebration stuff, not SWTOR related.
  6. Yeah were staying at the Hyatt which I think is right by the Hilton. I just want to go to "The Last Jedi" Panel at 11:00am so were going to head over around the same time.
  7. Sweet!! I'll be there super early! This will be my 1st SWTOR event since the game launched and 1st time at SW celebration. I don't have much time to travel and never get a chance to go to these things nice to finally have one in my area. Looking forward to this and the celebration!
  8. Yeah I listened to Howard Stern's interview with JJ before the movie came out and JJ made it very clear to me, at least, that TFA was written to be kind of what you said...its a movie that needed to be easy for the new generation to understand and relate to without having to watch all the old movies. Having said that I still thought the movie was great and yes it did have an ANH feel, but that was just the first of three and who knows where the story goes from here. It was great to meet the new characters of the new generation of Star Wars and I cannot wait to see how the next two unfold. JJ isn't writing the next two.
  9. So I log in want to do Ziost but cant call a companion to help complete Ziost, what do I need to do to retrieve a companion so I can complete Ziost for the first time. I don't want to skip it because I want to see the story leading up to Kotfe. Tried google didnt give me anything to help. EDIT: NVM...found the "Fist" radial
  10. http://www.swtor.com/user/ce/676
  11. I agree, this game was supposed to be about story and VO and after the EA buyout happened this game went downhill because a lot of folks including myself were hooked on those original BW guidelines. After the launch a lot of the original concepts that were supposed to make SWTOR great were abandoned and a lot of the BW staff were let go and the proprietors of BW sold out and left. So I sincerely hope that this new xpac, or whatever anyone calls it, brings myself and all other BW fans back based on the original concept of this game.
  12. I can' believe James is still around tbh!! Not a Ohlen hater, but seriously after all these years and so many BW employees let go with the same vision that has come back around years later...I'm shocked and excited at the same time. This game was always supposed to be about story and VO and EA abandoned it supposedly because of budget issues now someone has persuaded them to reattempt the original vision. Kudos Ohlen!!
  13. I like this!!!! What I do is buy an approved EBT item then get cash back to buy game time cards and CC cards.
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