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  1. NO!!!!! Dumbest idea ever! While this game might need some work, what MMO doesnt? I dont think it needs to start catering to the F2P camp for years to come.
  2. 700 percent increase in 1000 players isnt much.....D.C Universe Online had nowhere to go but up.
  3. Youre making a mistake that all noob gamers make and thats in thinking that everyone else has the same playstyle and preferences that you do. GW2 and Diablo2 cater to a niche crowd at best.Im not downing either of the games at all but it is what it is.
  4. Level 42 here and have been playing since day one of head start. ANYTHING enjoyable in life is worth savoring. I cant help but laugh at the people who rushed to 50 and are complaining about no end game. I hope they dont do that with everything in life. Imagine eating a 50 dollar filet mignon from Ruth Chris in less than a minute (thats disgusting) or making love to a super model for 30 seconds (thats pathetic) or not taking the time to properly wipe ones bum (thats just gross)
  5. Funny how both of the posters above me are mentioning craptastic games that went F2P....voice chat is NOT needed....especially not when Ventrilo is very low cost and offer more control than any in-game voice chat Ive ever seen. Maybe if the developers of LoTRO and DDO had spent time actually developing useful aspects of their games they wouldnt have went F2P to start with.
  6. If youre mounting your speeder bike or land speeder then you have a bigger problem than we can help you with in these forums.seek a sexual therapist immediately. A mount is a term used for a live animal like in WoW.You dont mount a bike, you ride it.You dont mount a car either (see above) you drive one.
  7. Oddly I'm starting to see a correlation here.Seems like NICE people dont mind getting PMs while antisocial people have a problem with it.Its a win-win any way you look at it because some people insist on being miserable no matter what.You can see the difference in their replies. You know you can just turn the chat window off...that shouldnt be a problem for you since you dont want to be bothered anyway.
  8. I dunno about mounts but they might be able to find a few speeder bikes or landspeeders
  9. No thats your personal opinion and youre clearly in the minority.Like someone else said this is a SOCIAL game and if the devs had followed your faulty logic you would only be able to pm those on your guild and friends list. I agree that spamming the same person over and over is wrong but a simple "No thanks Im not interested" or just ignoring is sufficient.You do have the option to turn the chat window off, trust me do it all the time when Im hunting. Gold sellers affect everyone in the game by damaging economies and sending the price for items thru the roof, being friendly and asking someone if they would like to join a group at the same level can hardly be compared to the damage theyve done.
  10. Best fantasy fiction Ive read in years. "Master Rahl guide us" ...lol
  11. TBH its not the flashpoints I dont like as much I hate the need/greed system we have that just encourages *******es. With companions, I have no need to run groups at and all and can still make 50.
  12. No veteran MMO player with at least a decade under his belt how about you?
  13. Its not really rude, theres a small percentage of people find it offensive and like someone else said you probably dont want to group with them anyway.
  14. ding ding ding! we have a winner folks! Thats exactly what I do when Im getting together groups for flashpoints.IMO the problem comes in because people are either to stupid or lazy to do this because it really works. And Ive not once had anyone in this game catch an attitude because Ive Pm'ed them.Thats why we have the option to close the chat window and a lot of is how you word your message like the poster below me says.
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