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  1. This: They said that endgame combat wasn't going to revolve around a bunch of players beating on one giant mob. Umm... no check. They said they knew the difference between sandbox and theme park and that they were going to find a happy medium between the two. NO CHECK. This is the most linear game ever. They said the game wasn't overly instanced. Umm... other than Guild Wars this is the most instanced game ever. They bragged about the billions of different customization options, totally obfuscating the fact that, in reality, your options are two genders, each with 4 human bodies with human faces, and different skin colors and hair styles. They advertised how the consequences of your decisions were going to totally make this better than a SPRPG because there was no save button. Then they waffled and put in light-side / dark-side markers and the ability to escape-out and re-do any conversation if you don't like the outcome. They said there were "huge open worlds that go on and on..." making it sound like the terrain was open rather than designed like a maze to hand-hold you from quest hub to quest hub. They said being a "grey" player would be just as viable as being full light or full dark. They said a lot of things that were either false or deceptive or got changed later.
  2. I was expecting the game the developers promised. Silly me.
  3. omg, at 2:46 Stephen Reid actually says that the Bioware team works 24/7 to solve all the problems as they arise. No. You don't. Because exploits have been going on for weeks.
  4. Yeah that's what made me think of it. Why doesn't Bioware include the option to skip it's fluff if you can skip the only reason to play a Bioware game?
  5. http://youtu.be/6OOf9vFfqIo?hd=1&t=2m46s Wait... What? Are you kidding me? Bioware is fixing problems?
  6. So you could just spacebar through all the combat instead of the story? Then you could just play your personal quest and get it done that way instead of all the bloated filler between class stories?
  7. A world pvp system that is going to blow my mind. Fluid combat. And replayability.
  8. The story argument dies when you level another toon to 50, then you realize how fail that story thing was.
  9. It already failed at that. It made too many promises, then took too long to deliver on them.
  10. GW2 is actually the second coming of Jesus. In fact it's God descending from the heavens to apologize to the world for what WOW did to the genre. In fact after the press beta this weekend, the entire gaming news industry is saying that GW2 delivers on the promises SWTOR broke for innovation, and mmo evolution. SWTOR is a 100% failure for me as an MMO, and it's another in the line after Rift of trying to ride the coat-tails of Blizzard and failing miserably at it. WOW is still better than SWTOR, and still better than RIFT. I'm just burnt out on WOW and WOW clones. And before "why are you still here?" My account is cancelled.
  11. Bioware doesn't have the current hero engine, they bought a prototype of the hero engine, and then had to develop the rest of it themselves. This is coming from the guy who created the hero engine. Most of the problems with the hero engine, are because of Bioware's programmers, not the hero engine.
  12. I'd say about level 16ish you could do it depending on your gear, your companions gear, and your skill level.
  13. I'm sure it is, light side / dark side is nothing more than a faction grind. You can get exalted dark side, then grind and get exalted light side.
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