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  1. I guess Sager as a company should have gone under by now for Sub Par Cooling then, right? Because that's what you're saying. I regularly clean the thing out, replace the TIM if neccesary and whatnot. Plus the CPU cooling and GPU cooling, while right next to each other, don't really transfer all that much heat to each other. One's not above the other, but side by side. And i'm not saying this "because heat rises" either. I've had it open while the GPUs are going full throttle and the CPU sink is still cool to the touch. Vice Versa even. In any case, Furmark doesn't cause the system in question to hang. No other game causes it to hang. No other game even pushes the GPUs to the temps that SWTOR has. Hell, even Crysis pushed the system to the point that the PSU tripped, swtor doesn't, but sure makes the GPUs nice and toasty. Again, not damaging them, it shuts them off prior to that, but they still get hotter. Basically it means if I wanted to play SWTOR on that system, I have to deal with the system hanging every other cut scene. No other game does that. Even Crysis only pulled enough juice to trip the PSU once, which means it was likely the things I was running in the background pushing it over, and it wasn't much extra. The only reason I even noticed swtor did this was that my desktop was out of commission at the time due to the sheer amount of electricity it uses. Now that we all have jobs again, instead of just one of us, I can us it again. And this one doesn't care what you run on it, the WC keeps it cool. Sure does heat up the room though.
  2. On this note, I even downclocked the GPUs as far as they would go and it STILL pushes the GPUs to 90c on character creation and cutscenes.
  3. I run for minimum 2-3 hours. And that's the thing, CPU temps never cause the shutdown, it's GPU temps. I'm using the system for work right now so I can't test it right this minute. Furmark pushes GPU temps to around 80c and swtor pushes to 90c which is right when it powers off. CPU temps are fine, and I will fully admit this is a Desknote. However, the CPU ventilation doesn't really intefere with the GPU Ventilation and vice versa, they're separate. NP7280 if you'd like to go look at it. It's been replaced with a new model now which uses the new desktop hex cores. Mine has a 980X and GTX 480Ms. Also, as i've noted this only happens when the high res textures are used, ie Character Creation and Cutscenes. During the rest of gameplay, it hovers at 84c, which is still rather close to cutoff. And again, no other game, mmo or otherwise does this. I'm also not claiming physical damage is going to happen either. EDIT: Just as a note, my main system has no issues. Although the 2 5970s in it are WC'd and never really go beyond 40-50C anyhow.
  4. Then do explain how I can run both of those constantly with no shutdowns due to heat, yet swtor will?
  5. Like I said, your word isn't enough. And i'm not talking about temps either.
  6. One, YOU (And others of course) FEEL players should get it over a companion. It's not a set in stone fact. Second, Companions wouldn't get a priority, it's called an equal shot. Just because you don't consider a companion an integral part of the character, doesn't mean everyone must abide by that.
  7. I dare you to actually run that. Not saying it won't handle it, but I bet even my 12 Core system would cry trying to run that much at once. Keyword is actually, as in without proof all we have is your word.
  8. Correct, Furmark pushes your cards more than any game. On my second system, swtor makes them hotter than Furmark ever does.
  9. That's like saying "Aion and Lotro don't use the GPU, so of course it doesn't get hot"
  10. But my point later still stands. Even if it's not overriding protections, it can still cause GPUs to ramp up more than they should given the graphics. Happened in SC2, EVE, FFXIV. Proper cooling/protections will prevent the card from dying of course, but not from shutting down to prevent that. Ie in my case where it DOES shut down to prevent damage. But NOTHING else causes it to do so, not even Furmark. And furmark pushes it much harder than swtor does, and still runs cooler.
  11. Notice I never said my hardware failed. Notice I said "can" not "will" Notice I said it is possible for software designed to do so, to disable some or all of the protections. I'm not blaming anything. Only things I have picked up over the years. And still, getting my GPUs to the point of safety shutdown, when even Furmark running all day cannot, says there is an issue. Nothing else even pushes them as far as Furmark does. ie even swtor doesn't USE them as much as furmark does, or many of my other games for that matter, but they get hotter with swtor than others.
  12. You say do much more server side. Are you insane? A game I actually like did this. FFXIV. Much of the UI required a bunch of server side checks. The latency when doing anything was terrible. It's gotten better, and seems to be scrapped in the new version coming later this year. Oh, they still have botters.
  13. I do love some of the responses here. Yes, it is possible for software to cause a GPU to go beyond it's limits and kill itself. However most software isn't designed or intends to bypass the protections on the hardware and do so. Even furmark isn't designed to kill your hardware, only stress test it. But furmark does disable some of those protections if you let it. On that note, one of my systems gets hotter with SWTOR than even Furmark causes it to get. Furmark pushes it up to 80c, swtor pushes it to 90c+ during character creation and cutscense. It promptly crashes the computer, so the hardware is unlikely to die, but I can no longer play swtor on that system due to that issue.
  14. Well that's the thing with a Marauder, nearly all the abilities are useful to any given spec. I know that I use just about every ability I have on any given day. Other classes, not so much.
  15. Then let me ask this. I have two systems, one's a beast, WC'd the like. If it was Overheating i'd never notice, but it doesn't seem to anyways. The other, Overheats in ToR during Cutscenes and Character Creation, both, if i'm not mistaken, places where high res textures are still used. Ok here's the thing. NO other game, NONE, cause the two GPUs in that system to get that hot, no matter my settings. In fact not even Kombustor and Furmark at max load cause them to get that hot. I could run Furmark all day on that system, but If I leave ToR at Char Creation, it will cause the system to crash. Again, no other game whatsoever does this. Not even Furmark which pushes GPUs much more than any game ever will. EDIT: To add to this, the system in question is not overclocked in any way. Even underclocking the GPUs by a large margin doesn't prevent the overheat during the events listed. And the CPU Fans/Sink/Venting are don't push hot air onto the GPUs.
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