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  1. The thing about 1.2 PT is that you are "locked" in a role/spec...gone are the days of the true hybrid. A Pyro is NOT running Ion...if he does then he is not getting Prototype Particle Accelerator (Rail Shot) procs. Without those Rail Shots then his damage takes a serious nosedive..and his HEAT spikes up to make him even more useless. Sure he can guard now while in Ion, but he lacks the actual defensive mechanisms of a Tank/heat reduction...as well as crippling his dps (spec'd full Shield Tech he would do far better). A Pyro drops with ease for any dps class- it took 9.6sec for the OP to die to a Pyro that can be killed in 6-13 seconds by a Mara/Sent/random dps AC. A Pyro does NOT have a ton of utility...the whole function of the build is to get the Combustible Gas Cylinder/Incendiary Missle Dot on you in order to fire the Rail Shot in the first place (you need to have a periodic effect/be incapacitated in order to be the target of Rail). The armor pen Rail is what gives the Pyro those huge hits...it is his life blood...without the Rail his great burst becomes meh. It is Advanced Prototype that has the utility and a good bit of survival specs...but has to sacrifice the burst that makes the AC feared in wz's. No matter how hard he tries- the AP will rarely be able to spec Prototype Particle Accelerator and never be able to spec Firebug...which is necessary for those big hits (and would most certainly mean he is Pyro). The AP can be viable to run in Ion...and can do AoE numbers with high shielding. However, check the damage numbers for him running Ion with AoE/Guard and you will see his max hit number at only 2.8k... A PT/Vanguard is not a Mara/Sent...you shoot them and they die- period. No CC is needed, no watching so n' so def cd timer...just pew pew and they drop like a cheerleader on prom night. If they are running Ion- sure they have standard tankiness...but they aren't killing anyone quickly...least of all a healer.
  2. That's the key difference to PT versus Mara , lack of serious defensive cooldowns. A PT is shutdown by just ANY other dps going after them or a Tanksin etc...it really doesn't matter what AC. They don't have OMG cooldowns that you need to avoid at all costs- you can just button mash faceroll until they are dead. You are completely free to use whatever attacks you like- they have no immunity to force/tech/dots...white or yellow damage it's all the same. If they are at 4k health...they aren't going to stay there for 6 globals- they will die in one single dps AC crit EVEN if they med pack/kolto overload/shield.
  3. For natural competitive team/guild/server based PvP...this idea would be wonderful all around.
  4. From the perspective of my server (Iron Citadel), the change was sorely needed- waiting 30min to 2hrs for a Q pop is a far more a game killer than this change to the daily. I had to work for my WH gear- but it is useless if all I do is sit around in fleet waiting for a Q that doesn't pop- so what if people have a "slightly" easier time with gearing up an alt...I NEED those other guys to Q one way or another.
  5. What rock have you been hiding under- even if you just pve you can't miss it these days...let alone pvp. I guess you wouldn't see much going on in a RP server- but for those of us that do pvp you ARE going to come across the "problem" in varied degrees over the course of normal game play. It IS work for a player to spotlight another abusing the game...WORK that (you) as the player are PAYING Bioware in order to clean up a server. Work, that as a customer- you should definitely not be doing... Anyone that claims otherwise- is clearly, someone whom wishes to continue using certain exploits...
  6. Iron Citadel: Eastern time 4am-6am: 15-45min 7am-2pm: 35min-2.5hrs 2pm-5pm: 10-20min 5pm-9pm: 3-8min 9pm-1am: 10-20min 1am-4am: 15-30min
  7. Tourne

    Queue times...

    ...continue to grow longer and longer on IC. I don't care about heals, premmies versus pugs, cost of WH gear or OP Mara's/Juggs etc...just LET me be able to join a wz in order to do the "gaming" that I logged in to do in the first place. Right now, my lvl 50 4-7hrs of "gaming" time are spent staring at a computer screen waiting for a queue pop...which of course decides to pop after an hour or so while I am letting the dogs outside. Bioware, forget about pride- merge the servers so we can log on to play a game...not just wait to play a game in maybe 2hrs.
  8. There's no way PT/Van could ever be a problem- they lack the defensive cooldowns that the target "OP" classes have at their disposal...nor do they have any kind of stealth for a free kill or getaway. A PT/Van is not going to be able to walk into 5 people and solo them for 30sec due to a whole repertoire of cd's- the enemy will see him and insta-gib even without CC...nor will he take someone out in the process.
  9. I had 420k as a lvl 14 Sent- in Civil War no less...bolster will "carry" you a great deal. I'm thinking at lvl 40 that same alt Sent would maybe be lucky to pop 180k while the other AC's are pulling in the 300k's.
  10. Iron Citadel had been packed early launch, then at launch the numbers trickled over to the newer servers to avoid the horrible queues...now it is a ghost town when attempting a WZ. You just end up fighting the same Pub full WH premmie no matter what hrs you log...after waiting 25-30 min between the matches. Yesterday was the worst I have ever seen, think I went an hour and a half before logging...that is far too long to be able to gear up.
  11. Yes it is needed, without it the "Raiders/PvE'ers" would once again...be King at PvP. It's exactly why all the Raiders/PvE'ers keep campaigning against this "ridiculous" stat- because they don't WANT to focus on PvP to be able to PvP...they want to focus on PvE to grab all the BiS for PvE content while also facerolling a fellow who has devoted all his gaming time to PvP. Lack of PvP equipment means that PvE players will prevail in the gear category by a huge margin.
  12. Yep, prior to 1.2 I really didn't notice the premmies so much in lvl 50 wz's. Now though, even more so during extended hours of the day...all I see is certain premmes fully geared completely mopping up and taking advantage that they are guaranteed to be facing a pug with: A) Lesser numbers at start B) Gear disparagement C) AC Balance D) Random Botters/quitters/AFK'rs You still had to deal with it before- but now it's even more prevalent since the guys suffering gear gap frankly seem to bail within less than a minute. It's all a landslide after that- the non baddies are forced to last 5v8...the random droppers pop back in to drop once more. Even the best pug players are having issues surviving outnumbered almost 2 to 1. It's hard enough to do that against another pug- let alone a premmie...
  13. While great for a "role-player" to add atmosphere...I think it would be better if they would advance aspects like the World PvP, AC fine tuning and other features (like a cam view than stops panning constantly).
  14. While I read and was aware of the changes- I can understand an individual taking a break from the game to attend other duties...upon his return and patch he finds he has to purchase his gear once again. I replaced my mods before patch- but STILL had to get a full new set due to class spec changes and set bonus.
  15. Powertechs ARE melee...not ranged- only the PT spec Powertech is a partial mix of both range and melee. I have yet to see my Retractable Blade dart out 30m- and "Rocket Punch" doesn't have that name because it shoots out a fist like a Rocket....jeez
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