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  1. TLDR: BW, Id like a preview of the upcoming Elite War Hero gear. Everyone else, check out this link to look at the EWH datamined info! Id like to see some more of the gear, not just the weapons and offhands. What I did notice is that the MHs dont seem to have been changed from what was datamined back during 1.2. http://www.torhead.com/search/elite%20war%20hero BTW: From my research I calculated the amount of Expertise in the Elite War Hero sets (this includes the EWH relics, implants, and ear pieces) and the Elite War Hero sets (item rating 150) will have about 1376 expertise. For comparison here is the amount of expertise in the Jug sets for the following tiers of PvP gear: Recruit (item rating: 128): 896 Recruit MK-2 (item rating 132): 944 Battlemaster (item rating: 140): 1164 War Hero (item rating: 146): 1291 Elite War Hero (item rating: 150): 1376
  2. Patch notes are already up. Haha. Of course its not 1.4. Troll.
  3. that is correct.... dreadguard=tokens from TFB hm.
  4. A few weeks ago they did says it was a sub-tier. As part of a progression raiding guild, this worries me and makes me wonder when we might be seeing a new tier, new set bonuses, and new visuals (Tier 2 is quite unpleasant). Some time in December or in 2013? Joveth or Allyson, could we get a Dev response as to when we might possibly see a real Tier 3 set of gear? I will venture a guess that this is the new sub-tier (rating 150) we will be seeing in TFB: http://www.torhead.com/item/3Z246hX/denova-defenders-body-armor Please dont flame, im just a worried guild+raid leader that wants to keep his group of raiders together. Something that some of you will understand, continues to be increasingly hard when content comes at a slow pace.
  5. There is a buff that is applied when you are fighting the tentacle in the 5th boss, that does not have any art to it when it is above your bar. Tentacle Proximity - The Terror From Beyond is Less likely to target you while you are in proximity of its tentacle. It is on you, but it appears as a transparent square, and if you hover over it, the tooltip pops up, but there is no art. Visual glitch/bug? oops... thought i was posting this on the pts forum. please move. ty
  6. Learn to read buddy... learn to read. Nobody is trolling. I am asking for it to be put on the cash shop, not saying it is.
  7. Now that the game is heading in a different direction, can we seriously get the Ship Droid™ mini-game on the cash shop, so you can take my money? http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20120401
  8. There are still a few there, Jesse Sky is one of them, so is Amantangelo (or whatever his name is), and a few others.
  9. Somebody over on reddit linked this and noted the "actively looking for new opportunities" on Daniel Erickson's Linkedin. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/571/screenshot20120907at113.png/ He is one of my favorite people on the SWTOR dev team... I hope he doesnt leave. Here is the link to the reddit:
  10. Please move this is if this is not the right place. Just tried doing a SM EC and the game bugged at Vorgath. You can no longer reveal the probe droids that are necessary for the defusal kits. Tried it with two different people in the raid. Anybody else experience this?
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