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  1. I agree. I was ok with gear grind but I do not like the concept of end game gear. It makes issues like this inevitable. If gear were just gear, meaning what people bought, made or picked up then we would see a lot more variety in the game and not this one size fits all BS. Gear choices would become part of the PVP dynamic. People who do not understand how the stats affect their game play would be at a severe disadvantage while those who made it a science would gain the benefit of real expertise not a stupid stat on the armor. I would love to see and hope that orange crit gear may be the back breaker for "PVP" and PVE gear. As it stands now their is some variation but most of it is set within the parameters of what the devs have put out. I know alot of Hardcore PVPers don't like the PVE aspects (I personally hate OPs/Raids) of the game so they resist anything which would force them out into the "world", but if we want to end all of the gear grind through endless warzones then I see no other way, except maybe the good old communist way of 1-49 warzones where everyone is artificially made equal.
  2. So the Republic had a total of 1,079,906 in heals. Assuming the average player had 17,000 (which may be high) to start with that adds another 136,000 points of damage to the total for a grand total of 1,215,906 total possible points of damage. 178 deaths. 2,191,397 total points of damage. An average of 12,311.21 points of damage per death. Makes me wonder how they actually calculate the damage some one actually does and at what point someone gets credit for a death? I can't even begin to imagine how this guys did this. One can only assume the Republic players must have stood in a tight group and let themselves get pounded on.
  3. You have a gun and grenades. we don't. We get only one attack at 30 m almost all of our damage must be dealt with in 4 m.
  4. Sorry but Sentinels have no knockbacks either. And though force stasis does a small amount of damage we can not hit our opponents when we do stun them or it breaks.
  5. Thank you for pointing out my error. When warranted I will correct. So far the only point you have made!
  6. If logic existed in your ill worded ramblings I did not see it. Please feel free to point it out so we can have an intellignet conversation.
  7. Your own writings condem you for your obvious ignorance.
  8. Wow a thread where everyone agrees!! Point me to this miracle! What I broke down for you is the only logical understanding one can derive from that sentence. He did not say we have a statistical measure of how people feel, he said they have a very good statistical measure of war zone performance. It implies that they look at the metrics to see what falls outside their expectations. Obviously when one group is either above or below expectations then it will mean a high likelihood of dissatisfaction with the product for those who are most adversely affected. It so happens this issue had manifested itself in the forums exactly as would be expected by people QQ. Many people argued the world was flat, and from their narrow uninformed and uneducated point of view they believed they were correct. Much as you do!
  9. What is absurd that Bioware states- “We have very measurable statistics that tell us if people lose a certain number of Warzones in a row being stun locked by a team of Operatives” And you interpret- “They just found that statistically people are frustrated by the system BW created themselves thus are nerfing the class people play the less in order to maintain as much subscription as possible.” I think even someone with a third grade public school education in the United States would conclude you are ignorant.
  10. Obviously English is not your native language so I can see why you have a problem following his simple and quite forward statement. Regarding a mess of a post, while I like many may occasionally drop a letter or use weak sentence structure in the heat of the moment, your butchery of the written word makes your post difficult to read but once deciphered ridiculous on the face. Regarding mental issues I assure you I have some but less than most and certainly fewer than you. regarding My earlier post
  11. Incorrect- He insinuated that the only way an operative can contribute to his team is by DPS. I merely pointed out that he can contribute far more by accomplishing objectives than DPS.
  12. Have fun playing Zelda on steroids! Seriously how can anyone play WOW? That game just looks awful.
  13. How many times have we seen an Operative Ninja Cap in Aldderan? How many times has a lone guard been "stun locked and kill in 5 to 10 seconds) guarding a turret cap? How many bombs have Operatives planted by sneaking behind the melee to blow the doors or extend the bridges? How many Huttballs have they stunned someone in the Flames or nailed from a perch where they are difficult to reach? All of these are skills and abilities that I have seen GOOD operatives use to contribute to the teams win.
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