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  1. Maybe you should ride it around in Paragon City. Oh yea... right. Too soon? Just because your game is literally dead doesn't mean you should create an account on TOR just to bash it.
  2. I'd love to explore more of Korriban. Lots of potential just sitting there.
  3. A percent increase (4, 8, 12 percent vice 2, 4, 6 percent) in Single Saber Mastery while in Shien form would be the easiest fix.
  4. I'm in favor of this, but they should generic the names of inactive accounts first. There's not much point in implementing this feature, if accounts that have been inactive for months (if not a year soon) are still taking up names.
  5. Do fireworks come with ability delay?
  6. Bioware realized there are 100 better options, and scrapped the furries.
  7. There's no such thing as "OGR". It's just "romance". That is the norm.
  8. Bad idea. Some of my attacks have a 30m range, others only have a 4m range. We don't need more options for "range discrimination" in this game.
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