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  1. How are merc comms useless after this patch? You can return them back into WZ comms at a 1:1 ratio. Yeah sure you lost out on all of those WZ comms converting them, but you can still get a free 1000 WZ comms from converting them. Or you can get crafting boxes.
  2. The thing is though, if you are still attacking people with around as much expertise as you, you aren't doing that much more damage than you were pre 1.2. The only time I ever notice the HUGE expertise difference is when I hit a fresh 50 who didn't even bother buying the entry level PvP gear.
  3. Narcrus

    Stealth in PVP

    The only class that gets and ability to completely remove stealth are Vanguards and their mirror. But there are talents in some trees that give you increased stealth detect, but other then that, there isn't anything. On my shadow when I role balance, if I see someone go stealth, I just guess their position. That's about the only way I can stop 'em before they open up on me.
  4. Wow, what server are you on?
  5. Narcrus

    Nerf Scoundrels

    The fact that you are justifying your logic and blowing other's way by saying they are republic shows you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Get over yourself. I don't play either of them, but I know when they both open up on me, they do around the same damage, of course gear being a factor.
  6. With my guild when we ran it on 16-man, we never had anyone get one shotted. When they got the reticle, we just had a sage bubble them, and then they ran out of the group
  7. Those two abilities are not the same. Using telekinetic throw after three stacks of harnessed shadows give you interrupt immunity, while using Resilience give you a 3 sec immunity to force and tech (unless you spec into it to make it last longer.) I know for a fact that everytime they use TT, their Resilience will not always be up. Besides, the range on TT if your not a sage is pitiful, so run back and get out of range of it if it is getting you killed.
  8. Narcrus

    Nerf Scoundrels

    Where is the logic in the starting post? They are obviously doing something you are not. Op and Scoundrel are mirror classes, meaning they do everything the same. Only thing one could actually complain about is an animation advantage versus the mirrors. IE: BH DfA vs Commando: MV. Saying that a scoundrel does flat out more damage than a Op is complete garbage.
  9. It was never hard to get BM anyways. It's just a time sink. You have your head up your *** if you ever thought BM was a challenge. I completely disagree. Instead of gearing out your companion, you could have saved those comms to rip out the Mods from the Champ gear and replace the terrible *** mods in the BM gear.
  10. Edit: Rofl, took a second look. And it was a red color crystal not black-red. Durp.
  11. One good way to get set up for the pillar, is after you have found and ran over to it, pan your camera directly up, and make it line up with your character, then walk back a few meters and Soa should be set up perfectly.
  12. My guild has been having issues with this constantly. We just finished our speed run of EV last night, after a week of pylons consistantly bugging on us. From what we gathered, running a NSSN combo seems to work fine everytime. We have ran having South solve first, but NSSN seems to always work. I hope you guys can get it to work! Best of luck fellas
  13. When you run into them, stop on top of them. When I have done this, I have yet to have it tick twice on me with it's explosion.
  14. Columi MH's and Rakata Chest pieces drop from Soa, While Rakata MH's and Columi chests drop from Karagga.
  15. Narcrus

    MVP voting

    Every single WZ I do, I always give MVP to the top the heals, because without the healers, none of us would be popping 8-11 medals a game. I know that for a fact. If you don't vote MVP for a healer, you don't realize how needed those 400K+ heals were. Healers, I thank you for your epicness.
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