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  1. This is right, the same column that says Guild Rank by default can also show you Last Played if you click the little arrow at the column header.
  2. Actually it's a big deal if it goes against SW canon. When you are working with a licensed product (such as Star Wars) you are limited to what is allowed within that universe. And if LucasArts decides they don't like what you have done with their license they can take it away and then there would be no more SWTOR.
  3. You can add already made characters but I did have to load into each character before they would appear on the tree. I assume it was because I made them before the family tree existed.
  4. You should remake this in the Suggestion Box forum but I agree, this would be a nice little feature
  5. No, you can't visit opposing faction only planets.
  6. I agree Right now the child can be from 1 parent or the other, as though they brought in the child from another relationship.
  7. I got the free 30 days too so I know your excitement. And for everyone who didn't have a lvl 50 they expanded the deal so now you just need Legacy Level 6 or a Level 50 AND you have until the 22nd to achieve one of those 2 things.
  8. You were supposed to send the Weapon Construction Kit thing to the character you wanted the item for and redeem it with that character, not with your main
  9. Someone said that their Guild Repair Funds are still working which means that information is still saved even if you can't access the Guild Bank. So it should be alright
  10. Don't know why it isn't an option to turn them on, but it's been that way since before day 1 so....*shrug*
  11. You can do that. For each bar you select the menu options can change. For hotbars, select the bar and then you can change # of slots on the bar and Slots Per Row. Slots per row is what you want to change them from Vertical to Horizontal or for that matter make them rectangular or square. Before you complain about something make sure you have investigated all of it to make sure what you want REALLY isnt there.
  12. Since right now they don't allow mods of any kind, no there is no program. It's a future possibility I'm sure.
  13. Big Bang Theory is a funny show and who cares if Olivia Munn is a nerd/gamer or not....She's hot
  14. I agree, it would be nice if there was a Hide Companion Head Slot option.
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