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  1. Why do people want new species lol? I mean they should atleast put some bonus again in species so people reroll OP species all day long. I miss that old classic tauren for the warstomp thing in WoW It is a shame they changed a winning formula in the name of balance.
  2. Nope nothing wrong with my ISP seems can connect to anything else no problem. Just not swtor US server gets DC within 1 min the MS is normal then spikes to ridiculous numbers. But no problems on the EU so far. So server authentication is also a problem. Great so do we get fix for this new bug?
  3. Well seems new launcher only accepts ipv6 But then the game boots me to no servers found. If I try only ipv4 like been using these couple months. The launcher will not connect or give network patching error 208 So what is up with the problems.
  4. The problem wasn't discipline and the expansion rishi and yavin 4. The problem was major lag issue server stability, thus forcing people to quit. Sorry the changes wasn't bad, infact it was for the beter. But that and unplayable latency uilag, struggling with gameplay, simply didn't made a fun experience. So people blaimed discipline for it. Same thing will happen again with the stats change system. We all know the instability of this hero engine, the bad state of servers once another patch hit. In time it will work out fine, but problem is what will people blaim? Offcourse the changes like companions and mastery. The changes are done for the beter, but sadly it does not help, when you barely can play the game. Lets take example ultra graphic setting, it is just a bunch of overpixelated mess. (not that people have the hardware to really run ultra currently and enjoy a smooth gameplay, especially fights like battle of rishi etc) Lag being jumped back, taking double damage suddenly (even in pve) is somehow network related. Sure some part could be client side, that I do not deny, but it is totally inconsistant. So if it is client side. Then it should be a persistant or repeatable issue. I do not blaim the marketing for being carefull this time around. Cause they did a fine hype making with Discipline works. But it backfired cause game was simply unenjoyable mess at release, am playing to enjoy the game, not fighting with glitches and issues in daily grinds or FP.
  5. I am so tired of exploiters rule argueing. The world is not black and white. Infact it is full of greys. If it was black or white, it is there game you agreed to a EULA (that is not even fully binding across the whole world) So they can deem what is a exploit, and what is unauthorised usages of there software. Now datamining to cheat and hack the game bad! Datamining to inform the community, who are dying for news. Good! Datamining for your own selfishe gain, who knows since you never told anybody! So if you exploit a mechanic keep it to yourself , you share you get busted you accept the punishment.
  6. I really doubt it the amount of rework would be huge for the limited staff. And we are not talking small changes, we are talking ground breaking changes, even in excisting encounters. So I don't know, this seems like will be a huge overhaul. Well we shall see ,any confirmation on this? Cause seriously do not mess up like last year. Too many new changes that made the discipline the scape goats.
  7. No you are assuming, that means either 1 a giant nerf incoming, in stats. To balance out all the additional damage and critical gains. 2 a rework cause certain classes have additional bonus from certain stats aside from there mainstats. So if mainstats becomes capped in critical gain, they would go to the secondary stats. It isn't as easy as you think it is, cause it would lead to even more minmaxing, which bigger difference then the current system
  8. Eh then it means hmmm no can't be, if all stats contribute equally to mainstat. That means they have to rework a whole complete system. Well till Muso or Bioware confirms it, I think it isn't as easy as that.
  9. Personally am lazy so this change sounds good, no need to do datacrons. No need to min max gear, just old gear shoves towards the companions. Hurray even more time to do nothing. Sadly you will also achieve what people call nothing special anymore. So basically they don't feel proud of there min max toons, or have to put effort into gearing the toon. Same as the datacrons, some people just want that little buff while most cannot be bothered to do them. That is the issue I see, and when people cannot feel pride anymore in anything. Then you lose another sense of psychological achievement. Seperate those who are dedicated and just becoming one big general audience. Well I can easily adapt for selfishe reasons, but it is also important to point out the factor that will be gone from this game. And could infact make guilds even less important, in gathering knowledge.
  10. Infact the more I think about it, while understanding the reasoning behind it. To faciliate or motivate more people to participate on operations and flashpoints. The more I think it will achieve the opposite, and people just do not even want to put effort in there gear. Which is fine by me, but what is there to be Leet about? When everything is simply delivered ready to go without variations. And what use is the expanded crafting system? Sound like we are getting two kinds of game suddenly. One pre max level and one post max level. So either way the amount of work seems staggering.
  11. Well so no more use datacron hunting? Instead of legacy datacrons? I don't think it is a wise decision at all. And frankly sound a bit risky attempts cause lower level gear are all divided. So removing all those stats to make one type of gear drop. Sounds good for developers and programmers. But sound bad in actually gear diversity, or people thinking they have to put some effort into gearing.
  12. Don't worry Aeris you are in the right. While it may upset some purist, but MMO tend to die out real quick if no new blood incoming. They tried the purist way and it didn't work. Groups while nice contend for the willing, if forced upon people all the time. Becomes stale and annoying. One of the reasons I no longer raid ops. But I can still see the neccessity for Ops. It is more the reason that I ain't going to work for 2-3 people cause they had a bad day. Or want there shinnies. But other side Ops are a necessity for those guild who can get along and grow. Sorry people nowdays are not that skilled or dedicated anymore, it requires the right motivation. Which we currently do not have, after long day of work. We do not look forward to work again at somebody else pace. How they made the new FP solo mode was well recieved by all, group or solo players alike. And people who think everything should be made the old ways, sadly no. MMO is no longer new, and chasing the eternal carrot gets old. If there is no new people, the game simply dies out so all those group contents are useless. While solo content still can be played by new subscribers or new players.
  13. You just moved up in Affection gain LOL See that is the way to address issue. and you kept really calm consider I had a similar problem we all did.\ So awesomely done, maybe the gamemaster who has powers (very few left) Can cut you some slack. but I highly doubt it. Still awesome post
  14. Listen first off all, organise those events as Players.. So ask players to volunteer to be the BAD uber guy! And then be ganked and killed. Instead of acting like a A..hat wanting to gank people. And exploit the system, your last line says it all. Happy Community is a prosperous community. Why do you need a system that involves players interaction, when it is already provided and onlookers can watch or participate, sure sounds a bit unfair and acted and play scripted. and in no time people will exploit that competiveness by mass ganking. But the BAD guys atleast are doing the rest a service by being BAD instead of griefing. About people moaning it is too easy, lol I would worry when they don't moan. MMO are always full of moans and complaints. it is when they are silent things go wrong. Then people just leave and do something else.
  15. Its is a FPS.. with microtransaction what else is new? So what is there really to worry about? Them turning it into a MMO with housing quests and story! Then adding all the RPG elements and finally the content for the "Fantasy" that majority of the net thrives on.\ Oh right forget it, it just a FPS with pay to win options.
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