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  1. Karen didn't hate Mara nor did she take the action against the other author's wishes... everything she did was according to the story-line that was agreed to by LA and all authors that took part in the project... there was no personal motive it was simply a plot point they all agreed to that happened to take place during the book in the series she was writing.. kinda getting sick of clueless fans trying to blame authors for things that were approved by people much higher than them...
  2. Nathan Fillion as the "smuggler" \o/ and Adam Baldwin has to be in there somewhere lol
  3. you know what's funny... this conversation sparked my interest so I went and was reading a few SW articles on the droid rebellions and such and found a documenterary in which good old George that says that C-3P0, and thus by extension all droids, have no soul.... lol eh it's not really a philosophical matter for me ... I was referring to the straight definition of the term which is simply the ability of a person to make choices... and that is something which almost every droid in SW has been shown to have... which makes sense because if they couldn't make choices and act independently they wouldn't be very useful... I mean ever the very simple courier mouse droids show emotional responses and free will... Chewy roars, it squeals in "fear" and turns around to run away... that is straight up an emotional derived use of free will.... if it didn't have free will it would have simply driven around him and kept going on to where it was supposed to be going.. and that is just a very simple courier droid that honestly doesn't NEED sapient programming to fulfill it's job and yet has demonstrated the ability to make "choices" and not even straight logical ones... at the end of the day tho this is a topic like slavery which can be debated to death because it's dependent more on a societies "opinion" than it is on actual fact
  4. it does the same for droids or any true AI... the flaw in your argument is that any true AI can learn and adapt just as well as any organic... any decent AI could and will learn, adapt, evolve and have as many random sparks as a person will... no offence to you but free will is an illusion... as you said we are conditioned... what you think is free will isn't... it's just a combination of random neurons firing and your experience... if you think there is some magical process in your brain that can not be duplicated in a computer you are mistaken your entire personality and everything you are is nothing more than a combination of a straight logic process of your experiences plus some random variables thrown in... nothing really special and definitely nothing that can't be programmed or that can't be "learned" by a decent AI
  5. eh I could make the same argument about say clones or slaves (if they were bred to be slaves as apposed to being free beings who were captured) because they were "made" with the purpose to serve and everything they know is what they were taught to fulfill that service all it comes down to is a cultures opinion of how "sapient" something/one has to be to count or if they can count at all I don't know why you brought up the 3 laws of robotics as those are just a set of laws programmed into all robots in a specific IP which apparently don't have a common place equivalent in SW... also just food for thought but droids can become sapient enough in SW to rebel just as a slave would.... there have been numerous Droid uprisings and revolts as well as numerous "Droid rights" protests and groups that were comprised of not only droids but organics also you know Naboo considered higher level AI droids as equal to organic sapients right?
  6. not necessarily... I mean they are near-human which means at one time they did have eyes so it could either be a left over cultural thing from then OR it could be a cultural thing they picked up from the fact that many other races they deal with do it
  7. not really most people who go to a casino have no idea what the real odds that they will win are (hint: not good lol) and yet people flock to the tables... hell even a lot of the ones who DO know the odds still go... at least with the cartel packs they know they are guaranteed to get something where as with most other gambling they aren't... again the cartel packs are no different than buying a pack of baseball or other type of collectible cards there are already adult only MMOs that charge you to access the XXX parts of the game so they have figured out how to sell sex in them at least... lol
  8. if you did that you'd be even a bigger fool than you already appear to be tho considering you can right now buy a new CE bundle for 65 bucks or spend even less to get the things that came in it it's still funny that that was your go to excuse to try and cover your hypocritical statement... next time try at least to be original instead of using a tired old canned one which you knew you couldn't actually prove anyway
  9. I've bought 6 packs and gotten everything I wanted as far as the very rare items go... saying there's no chance in hell of getting what you want is nothing but hyperbole and calling it a waste of money is an opinion... it's no more a waste of money than well paying for any other type of entertainment you don't actually need (like videogames) I find it amusing you think cartel packs are a waste of money yet blew all the money to buy the CE box... lol
  10. lol I like the Holo shrub disguise...
  11. why do you people complain about gambling... you do realize it has been one of the largest and most popular sources for entertainment since before recorded history right? it's right up there with sex and booze
  12. ya but what is the point in running Max setting on 800x600... unless he has a 6 inch monitor it will still look as bad as if it was on all low settings... lol
  13. I missed killing Quinn so much but I found a much better solution... I just re-rolled my SW as a Sith Pureblood... killing him can only be fun once while anytime I want a chuckle I can pimp slap him and laugh as he cries like a little girl... doesn't even cost me an affection points to do
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