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  1. in 90% of WoW raids you can bring zero melee and all ranged DPS, and you are better off. In 90% of WoW raids if you bring all melee DPS and zero ranged, you will wipe over and over and you cannot complete the content. If WoW still fails at melee dps vs ranged DPS, what makes you think anyone will ever get it right?
  2. I love your list of the "types of players who don't understand this issue" It is ashame these people won't just admit the truth. You know as soon as all your detractors read this post, they will all claim they do everything on your list and still have no problems. Too bad you don't have some kind of lie tester for those people.
  3. How is this game more RPG then Everquest? in EQ it felt more like i was a character living in a world, then any MMORPG I have played since. EQ abrely had any quests, but it still felt like much more of a role playing experience to me then any other MMORPG to come out since then.
  4. War zones seems slightly better for me, but still need alot of work. So cannot confirm, it could just be because lvl 50's arent stunning me then 2 shotting me anymore. But definitely a little less lag in warzones.
  5. Yeah i quit playing my sage healer, I got this kind of crap all the time trying to cast heals.
  6. I don't know a ton about hardware, i'll be the first to admit that. Ok checking, 2.3 GHZ is the number for processors. and 32 bit OS. All i'm saying is, if bioware wants a huge customer base, older computers need to be able to run the game. And it doesnt feel like a graphics problem to me anyways, or bad delay coding. It just seems like the more people I am around, who are performing actions, the slower everything gets.
  7. How is reid saying performance issues are linked to computers out of context? If i get worse and worse as i get more characters on my screen doing stuff, isn't that my computer? If an ability was coded poorly and had a delay, wouldnt it always delay whether solo or in a warzone?
  8. Well i have a 1-3 second delay in every warzone with all my abilities. When I am solo i have almost no delay except certain abilities. That makes me think it is my computer.
  9. Stephen reid said performance issues. My abilities are not delayed solo, but in 4mans they are somewhat, and it is terrible in warzones. If my ability delay problem was coding, wouldnt it exist anywhere? my problem happens with more players on screen, and gets worse as I have more players around me. That makes me think it is a performance issue, and my computer.
  10. Well i run the game fine solo, and it's decent in 4mans, but anymore then that and it gets horrible, especially warzones. How does she do in warzones? Or 8man raids, if you do them? I just feel like this game is not gonna be playable for me and my computer, unless I just solo and do 4mans, and im not going to pay 15 a month to solo and do 4mans.
  11. I did not say they have to design games around my PC, I am saying it is a small niche of players with advanced , powerful new computers.
  12. You do realize the majority of gamers have older computers, not newer computers right? That's why i said small niche, if the majority of MMORPG players cannot even play the game, then you are obviously not trying to pull in a large amount of subs. Not very many people have new high end computers. If you are creating a game targetting just those people, you are targetting a small niche.
  13. It wasn't a random elitist PC jerk, the leader of bioware made the statement
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