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  1. Man the companion thing must have really hit them hard.
  2. They thought at the time during development they'd de-throne World of Warcraft. They had the IP and they thought they had the right talent/design. And they actually weren't too far off on some things, but their engine was terrible and they had a clear lack of direction once the game launched. People might not agree with the direction they're taking now, but you can say there IS a direction.
  3. I think the industry is shifting towards a more inclusive 'everyone gets to play' kind of style. You can see this now with the spearhead that is WOW making all their content available to everyone whether you're in an organized guild or a solo player (LFD/LFR). You see that here with the story mode/group finder versions of multiplayer content too. It seems to me those kinds of options are designed for the single/solo player type, not the social butterfly that's already in a guild scheduling events to do with them. Companies know that single/solo players actually make up the bulk of their members, so it's all about making multiplayer content attractive to them now. The days of MMOs being multiplayer exclusive (EQ, DAOC, etc) are long gone. That's not to say companies shouldn't still add in content for those types, but understand anything they put in is going to have to be playable by the soloist too. It's no wonder SWTOR is focusing mostly on the solo only stuff, given this.
  4. It's a completely different engine and development team. All your assumptions are incorrect.
  5. It isn't. This isn't anything remotely similar to Neverwinter Nights.
  6. I find the assumption that the hardcore dungeon/ops and PVP guys are the lifeblood of the game to be hilarious.
  7. I wonder what the numbers look like for someone without: "Using rank 50 inf all datacrons, max presence, all class buffs and all races unlocked" Or someone not using Jaesa. You know, cause little details like that matter too It still doesn't change the fact that how this was done was completely bass ackwards with pretty much no testing at all.
  8. The issue with companions is not some hidden hard to reproduce bug here. That should have been immediately apparent that they were completely outside the scope of their intent simply by logging in and engaging in one fight. Hell, just mousing over the tooltips should have given them enough data to go "wait this isn't what we wanted" given the size of the nerf. It was clearly not tested at all.
  9. It's actually a pretty big deal to put out a patch on Thanksgiving week. That's like a 'bail this ship out' kind of reaction on their part.
  10. Admittedly not as awesome as the OP, of course. It's really jealousy in the end, every one of us is just super jealous of this achievement. There's been nothing more difficult to perform in gaming, ever. It's the pinnacle, the top, the everest. This guy is going places.
  11. That just means she's easy to feed....?
  12. It's too bad "special snowflake" is already taken. I think it applies here for you guys. Trying so hard.
  13. They were probably too busy playing it and enjoying the overpowered companions. That's why it took them so long to nerf them and why it was instantaneous with no communication
  14. Maybe you. I could never get the 'trick' to work.
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