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  1. Lost Soul LF Guild Hey there. I've just transferred onto the Red Eclipse as PVE is dying out on the other English speaking Euro servers. I'm looking for a PVE focused Guild to hook up with. Would love to hear from you!! About Me Optimised & min-maxxed 78/72 Geared DPS Sentinel; cleared all HM content, inc. DF/DP HM. I've been playing MMOs for about 6-7 years, mainly as melee DPS. I'm English, in my thirties, professional full-time job and like to raid once or twice a week at HM a HM or NiM level; evenings after 7:00pm GMT. I tend not to obsess about Combat Dummy parses and like to see the bigger picture, co-operative gameplay where the end game is downing bosses. Wiping? Yes, I can handle that. All part of the game About You A stable and active Guild, preferably with a mature outlook. You regularly raid at least a couple of times a week and there's always members online. Either has DF/DP HM on farm or is making good progress to completing these raids; and most importantly - has room in their roster for a melee DPS. I don't mind the subs bench if you've a fair rotation policy. Would be great to hear from you guys you by PM, or within this thread!!
  2. The admins at http://www.theprogenitor.com don't (or hardly) play SWTOR. At least they do not RP nor engage in progress Ops. It's predominantly a PVP shoutbox / willy waving forum. PVE'rs don't take the Enjin site very seriously, to the extent that you'd think there were only 6 or 7 HM Ops Guilds on the server. Nor I guess, do RP'ers use it much. The Enjin site is disinteresting to the majority of the populace. I agree with OP, it would be good to see more of the server community on the Official Forums. Though I do think in-game communication is better on our server than some others.
  3. DPS Looking for a new Home!! Hi. I'm looking to join an established Guild. One with a history of stability, preferably. I'm a melee DPS that's cleared all Operations content (apart from the new TFB NiM instance), inc. Scum and Villainy HM and Toborro HM. Geared mostly to 72's with four-piece set bonus. I don't mind if you're an 8 man or 16 man Guild. Just that you dabble now and then in HM Ops with reasonable success, and have an active online presence to run FPs and the like. I'd preferably be looking for a mature Guild with a good standard of written and spoken English. So. If you'd like a competent DPS, who's knowledgable about all the in-game Ops, that's up for joining you in FPs, SMs and occasional HM Ops then please drop me a line on here. Maybe catch you soon!!
  4. It sounds like it's working as intended. Not a bug. The visual problem probably relating to individual's PCs.
  5. We're always on the lookout for rough diamonds. c.35 members, and one of the most active on the server, http://binarysunset.enjin.com. Why not drop by and say hi.
  6. Sorry mate, only just seen this. Best place to contact us is here: http://binarysunset.enjin.com/wall Drop by and say hello.
  7. P.S. Getting Might 26 Hilts are somewhat easier, as the 2nd boss (Stormcaller and Firebrand) in Explosive Conflict HM drops an OH weapon token that can be traded for an OH saber with a 26 Hilt embedded that you can remove and transfer to your MH weapon. Do it twice. Voila. Or just buy them.
  8. The process to craft them is rather difficult, unfortunately. To be honest, once you get to point 4, there's no point in trying to craft the hilt, as you'll already own one. 1. You'll need to get a very good 8 man raid team. 2. Complete Terror from Beyond on Hard Mode. 3. Hope that you are the winner of the weapon token drop. 4. Trade it in for a Dread Guard Main Hand Lightsaber. 5. Remove the Hilt. 6. Reverse engineer it. 7. Hope the 20% chance works in your favour. Alternatively, you could win an offhand weapon token in Operations and remove the hilt from an offhand saber and RE it. P.S. If you're looking to buy one, I'd expect to pay upwards of 1,000,000 credits. I don't think anyone on the server can craft these yet, so expect the first person to charge a shedload whilst he/she still can.
  9. My advice? Join a Guild. Advertise yourself on your server's forum. You seem willing to learn your class. I'd expect there's a Guild out there willing to take you on board and show you the ropes. It really will be a far more pleasant , and faster, learning experience than trying to do it all on your own.
  10. 100% not an exploit. Want proof? First let's start with the definition of an exploit: "cases when [bioware] determine that a bug in the code can give an unfair advantage to a player." (Rich Vogel, Bioware, 31.01.2012). http://www.swtor.com/blog/developer-blog-busting-bugs-and-fixing-exploits Sure, you don't like quitters. Fair enough. Using the button labelled "Leave Warzone" to, um.. leave the warzone is not an exploit of that feature. It is the INTENT of that feature. A player's motivation for doing so, and his decision as to when he'll use that feature, is irrelevant to the definition of an exploit. There is no bug in the code here. The feature works as intended, it does exactly what it says on the tin.
  11. Grats on finding your new home. If it doesn't work out (hope it does) check us out, http://binarysunset.enjin.com/wall
  12. Check out http://binarysunset.enjin.com/wall
  13. Hello Mac. I've inserted some answers below your questions (in the quote box). Hope that helps. I've probably answered some questions you already knew, just trying to be comprehensive
  14. If you're looking for a Guild, about the worst way to find one is posting messages on in-game chat. As a GM I'd be ignoring those messages. It (probably incorrectly) gives the impression of you being rather lazy and desperate. If however, you were to post on these forums saying what type of Guild you're looking for - or better still - whisper a member of a Guild you be interested in joining and have a chat, or post a message on their website - or even (after a good FP) ask if they're recruiting, I suspect you'd have far more luck. You write well and appear articulate, I'm sure if you cracked up a conversation with a Guilded player you'd find the invites coming in. You just have to open the right doors. In-game trade / general chat etc isn't the right door.
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