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  1. I am casually coming back to the game. I have full 236 gear with purple 228 augments. I didn't see 236 gear mentioned at all. I don't really want to spend a bunch of time on gear with the new xpac so close. Aside from getting the new main hand should I just leave what I have? Am I really better off getting lower level gear?
  2. I thought a change to shield and absorb were supposed to come along with this damage nerf to make tanks actually worth playing as tanks. Less damage, same crappy survivability. There is literally 0 reason not to still skank tank with these changes.
  3. Could you please add keybind pass the huttball to your list?
  4. Can't believe you are still here old man.
  5. Could you guys PLEASE go back and read your developer notes from 1.x? I am pretty sure they read "PEOPLE HATE RNG, WHO KNEW?"
  6. I know I can't be the only one who held on to some of the old centurion and champion gear, could we possibly get this added as unlocks for legacy or made into legacy gear?
  7. This thread is relevant to my interests.
  8. I play on Ebon Hawk maybe once a week, I keep my sub going and I have no idea why. Thats a case of beer a month I throw away.
  9. Not a damn thing.... Nice to see one name I recognize here though!
  10. Remember the good old days when this forum was actually about PVP instead of the entitlement generation complaining how losing is everyones fault but their own?
  11. As soon as they get xfers up and running again
  12. TL: DR less QQ more pew pew
  13. wait S H I T T E R is a bad word?
  14. If you are an actual ******* please save us all the time and trouble. We aren't a kind bunch and will not be passive in pointing out your ******* ways.
  15. You are free to state any opinions you want in our group. And we are equally free to tell you to GSO for your opinion.
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