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  1. played bf3, b2k maps are still fun and will be still fun when this game is f2p on top of that, bf3 is more massive multiplayer than this excuse of an mmo 2 days sub left, didnt log in since 4 weeks
  2. when you suddenly log out because of plain boredom
  3. no one cares, you can quote my posts as long as you like, stop trolling this thread by posting offtopic things. bioware defense force much ?
  4. so you are saying i cant have a different opinion on the game, critism is not allowed ? how does this make me a troll, i dont get it. I am just giving my opinion, maybe a dev reads this and maybe this will change things. I doubt someone in charge is reading this but at least i said what i am expecting from a Star Wars MMORPG (Massive Mutliplayer where is this in SWTOR ? Instances with 30 peoples, sorry) I am comparing this to SWG because it was the only Star Wars Mmorpg out there. I have paid until the 21st of February and maybe i come back but im not willing to pay 15 bucks a month for this.
  5. your decision to dismiss my posts, also im not going to read everyones post history i think i have some valid points, you can think what you want, its only my opinion there is no need to dig out my entire post history im not hating, i allready said i had some fun moments with the game but thats it, taking 15 bucks a month for this is just not right
  6. just some other things : why should a bountyhunter run around and heal people ? show me any Star Wars movie or book where a merc is healing people ? same with sith inquisitor why should he/she care about other peoples health, star wars anywhere ? smugglers are also not running around invisible while shooting peoples in the back with shootguns some things in this game dont make any sense at all, they are just copied and pasted to fit in the current mmorpg standard. innovations where ?
  7. honestly there is no advertise that is telling you , that this is a singleplayer game with coop on rails. Im not saying the game is bad at all but it could have been so much more, right now its not living up to having the Star Wars Name tagged onto it . again this is my opinion
  8. im just stating my opinion and you dont have to read it or agree, i respect your opinion of the game and i await the same from other people.
  9. yes i can go to serveral planets but there are just no quests ? ! just another example, why does a smuggler has to use 2 pistols, why cant i choose vibro sword or rifle or anything ? its just poor design and nothing more, they are taking away the star wars feeling because your smuggler/bh/jedi is the same like the other one that is standing next to you
  10. wow, people have died and does this make you any different then the other 100000 people that made this decision ? you are lvl 50 hanging out in the fleet and have maybe some dark teint in your face
  11. im sure i have heard this slogan from this game advertises, too well im searching for it, hold on
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