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  1. Character name: Ciraf Faction: Republic Category: Sexiest Look (new cat plz <3) Helpers: Yes Music: Yes
  2. OMG WE GOT ALPHA BABE IN TS And where is your proof it's photoshopped?... looks pretty real to me Besides, its pretty believable due to how bad you are. i'm not a douche bag.
  3. After it happened you had a mini rage at me and pretended to leave the game: http://i39.tinypic.com/2zyewc8.jpg Did you really think I wasnt gonna screen shot it? *********** noob.
  4. Too bad i've already 2v1d u and some other scrub VG. learn to 1v1
  5. http://i43.tinypic.com/10si3y0.jpg New category Damage/Protection plz This is all shadows can do atm
  6. I love you sometimes ML <3 I wish we were friends IRL.
  7. TBH all they are saying here is... Gays are bad because they only exist as imperials (generally accepted bad guys) Lesbians are good because they only exist as republic (generally considered good guys) Discrimination within SGRs lol GJ BW You continue to impress me
  8. If one more person spells The Harbinger incorrectly, deliberate or not, I will **** them up... That is all
  9. Ya #1 step is bring back original Ilum, there was no problem with it in the first place.
  10. Played since beta, have un-subbed once for 1 day recently. Its a maturing game, just too bad they can't do it any faster.
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