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  1. You can't even answer a simple question... Anyways, I have to go, Tera beta Starting
  2. And you're still wrong. Don't forget you agreed you'd throw your toys out of the pram if you lost a fair need vs need roll... Well you'll find that we've been through the education system. We know the difference between 'board' and 'bored' for example, and now we get to earn fat salaries while we delegate
  3. Let me see; I see one side on the anti-companion side, and one on the pro-companion side. Now I did go to school, and in fairness it was a long long time ago. So I suppose it's quite possible that in the intervening years 1 + 1 has been changed to equal something else. I guess you could say it's like back then I was told fairness was if you lost you lost and if you won you won, but these days it seems if you win you win, but the losers start crying.
  4. I see your point and yes, I know the feeling. But no, Ninja is taking something you are not entitled to take. An open world chest is 'open' and therefore open to anyone. I know how ya feel, had it done to me many times, but that's a side issue.
  5. In every game there is flow of struggle for supremacy. In this thread we have seen it on 2 sides; The anti-companion campaigners and the pro-companion campaigners. The flow or struggle has been one of reaching a point where one side has made a clear distinction as to effect the outcome of the loot. This struggle has been fought with good debate, questions and answers and indeed a fair share of pure troll posts. 2 things in the main have come tonight. 1. The NBG campaigners when faced with arguments of fact and fairness will post anything (usually with embedded insults) to attempt to negate the facts put before them. 2. The pro-campaigners, have stuck to facts and fairness. (Ok, I got an infraction for calling someone stupid) but hey.. (gimme some leeway here Mr. Mod) All along the pro camp have faced the continued insult of the 'ninja' Now, let's loot at that term. A ninja is a person who takes some loot to which they were not entitled. Loot entitlement comes at the point at which you have won a roll and can there-fore be called the winner of that loot. Back to the debate; The anti camp have claimed that they should have entitlement to loot (the type of loot is irrelevant as both camps have companions and need to gear them, both camps have player characters that they need to gear) Now, claiming an entitlement to something that you have not yet won, and then claiming that the winner should have given the loot to you is, by definition, claiming an entitlement to loot you have not won. So, Mr Devs, and indeed BW at a large, I ask you; Before you go changing something that will fall over to the next MMOs, please look at this, and make your own determinations as who here are the actual ninja looters. Remember what we said about 'entitlement'...
  6. Don't know what you're talking about now mate. I've never seen one Ninja loot on ToR. Know why? You cannot Ninja on ToR. The only loot you can get on ToR is via a roll of the dice. Is that maybe why some people are fighting that we should just pass the loot to them?
  7. But.. them claiming it is greedy is not equal to fact. They have been disproved many times.
  8. I'm pretty sure BW has left this, the longest, biggest running thread going for good reason. From it they'll look at the real arguments and the real replies. They dump all the fluff and make a decision based on what they feel is the fairest compromise. As I said earlier, this is not just about loot. It is about their whole game going forward. What they decide may set precedents for all other games to follow. Getting it wrong, will not be nice.
  9. He does understand... But to admit he does is to lose his entire argument. And he can't be seen to lose.
  10. But I need to gear my companion to get to the next level Fps/OPs/PvP. At which point I will be able to help you and others. You dis-allowing me to gear my companion is not helping 'everyone' (note how I didn't need to shout) and is selfish. tut tut.. You're argument is flawed to the extreme.
  11. And in your case you are claiming the loot before it is decided, so you are only thinking about yourself. What was it you said about that? Oh yes, here it is;
  12. It is not a strawman, please learn the definition. It has been pointed out to you many times, the post by the dev while acknowledging a problem offered a possible solution. That solution has yet to be decided or indeed even raised at a meeting to decide it. But then, you cannot even answer simple question when put to you, why do I expect you to understand anything else?
  13. Answer the original question. Is it too difficult for you?
  14. I wouldn't say 'leet'... That's a such a kiddy term to use. I'd use a term oh say, hardcore.
  15. You already admitted by failing to answer a simple question, that you would throw your toys out of the pram if you lost a need vs need roll.
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