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  1. So, now they stay and don't do anything. Big achievement. 👍👍
  2. I did not say you get stats for not having augs. I said you don't get stats for having them in PvP. As I know in PvP, players in PvE armor higher than 336, get "synced" down to 336 lvl with no augs. It would be nice if someone from the dev team helped to clear this.
  3. It was BioWare's "Inflation Reduction Act". When the Aug prices skyrocketed to the Billions, people cried their hearts out. So, BW changed the PvP bolster. Everybody gets bolstered down to the 336 PvP armor lvl without Augs. So, wearing 344 PvE armor with 300 augs don't help. If you think about it, it's actually fair. So, every time I see my teammates in their little 344 PvE armors I know we are f!@#$%. Unless Broadsword changed things, I think still it's the case.
  4. I don't think Augs matter in PvP.
  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I was on the winning team. It was long. Something needs to be done about it. Time limit or something. It took like 40-45 mins.
  6. sauerkraut

    #Cancel Huttball

    I absolutely love HB. HB makes the SWTOR PvP unique and that's the only reason I play this MMO. (I know nobody cares, just saying) It requires mor skills than a regular WZ and that's why bad players hate it. Most PvP players are terrible, and it becomes obvious in HB. Since bads will be bads, just let players choose between WZs. Three options: WZ, HB or Arrena and problem solved.
  7. Smugglers-Agents need nerfing their endless rollings. In HB it's ridiculous how they just fly through every obstacle.
  8. Absolutely. Even SWG had voice chat.
  9. They need to get rid of the end of the game chart. Kills, deaths, damage and other useless, crap. Only win or lose, and no point for losing.
  10. sauerkraut

    #Cancel Huttball

    Sure, if you don't like it must be cancelled.
  11. The last 12 yrs. Devs don't give a flying ...
  12. sauerkraut


    No, sry! I put it in the wrong way, what I meant was that; I wonder that the players who "love" WZs and hate HB are they players who just bust into a WZ and pew, pew and don't give the flying f@##$ about if we win or lose, they only concern is the damage and kills and they hate HB because there they can't do the same.
  13. sauerkraut


    When someone says I hate HB but I love WZs, I always wonder that are you the guy who busts in and fights the enemy during the whole game and even if you help to cap you run away as fast as you can or are you that unfortunate guy(s) who just stands at a f@#$%^ door, node, pylon, etc. during the whole game, because it makes a huge different. At least in HB nobody forced to guard anything.
  14. Operative & Co are classes nobody would play if they would not be OP, so they can't nerf them.
  15. sauerkraut


    Yeah but then separate Arenas to. It's only fair.
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