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  1. Padding is not padding to investors and ultimately the future of a game. If TOR continues to see decline in subscriptions (income) the game will have to change.
  2. The Chinese internet cafe numbers pad the numbers much more than the many people who overpaid for D3. But, I would much rather have those paid padded numbers than the free padded numbers as a developer.
  3. What other methods do they use that was not included in Activision's definition for active subscribers?
  4. This was all an experiment for the creation of a Mass Effect MMORPG, in which they don't have to pay a licensing fee for. The reason they went with the Star Wars IP first was to make it a more sure bet. Story laden, FPS MMORPG inc.
  5. This. For me, it isn't about trying to maximize rewards, instead it is avoiding a frustrating experience. This is why ranked is needed. With ranked I would be able to avoid most of the terrible players.
  6. PVP Balance does not occur in a vacuum as each change to the game and to other classes can alter the balance. The main reason Marauders are more powerful is Time to Kill (TTK) has been reduced. There are multiple factors in 1.2 that contribute to a lowered TTK. The first and arguably most important factor is the nerf of 2 of the 3 healing classes. This nerf both reduced healing output of those classes who continued to heal post 1.2, and reduced the healer population as many healers spec’d dps or decided to play an alt. The second factor, one that is very often overlooked on these boards, is making the healing debuff uncleansable (and giving it to another AC), as any decent healer would cleanse that healing debuff, even if they were just removing it from themselves. Certainly, this change was needed because having it cleansable made it useless against competent players, but it still reduces TTK. The next factor is gearing changes with a reduction in endurance on existing PVP gear and a slight increase in damage from expertise compared to pre 1.2. While these were slight changes, they combined with less healing being output (both because of healer nerfs and healing debuff) made TTK very short. With TTK being reduced, short-term CDs become more powerful. If a fight lasts for 30 seconds the 5 seconds of damage reduction is only 1/6 of the duration of the fight, and is more manageable. If the fight lasts 15 seconds you are now looking at 1/3 of the fight. Now, I am not saying that TTK was cut in half in this patch, these were just easy examples. Not only are the short-term defensive CDs more powerful, but the short term offensive ones are more powerful as well, particularly Bloodthirst and Berserk. I would not advocate for gutting of Marauders because it is not necessary. Only small changes need to be made in light of the existing TTK. Some suggestions: Reduce the 99% reduction to a 4 second duration (down from 5) Cloak of Pain duration is not refreshed by DoT effects (allowing people to actually stop attacking the Marauder to remove Cloak of Pain), and the maximum duration be 25 seconds (down from 30) Reduce Trauma effect duration on Deadly Throw to 10 seconds (down from 15). This would allow a 2 second gap for full healing potential and would require more focus on the part of the Marauder to keep the healing debuff on a target.
  7. I like same faction matches. Much easier to talk smack in general than in /say.
  8. Except that I find the main problem with PUGs killing things is their lack of focus fire and CC/interrupts on cross-healing healers. Pre-mades do not have that same problem. It is very easy to blow someone up right now with any sort of coordinated dps.
  9. Bnol


    This. I also will call out the name of the person so my teammates in vent can also watch. Also, people should really have an internal clock and see the numbers at their current location and disengage before you fully clear them at that location. I get less upset about calls than I do with people just plain not watching and protecting the objectives.
  10. It is needed People that do WZs in the 10-49 bracket do WZs because they want to, for fun. They level slower by doing it, and do not get gear as quickly and also have large gear gaps (between 20/40) compared to doing FPs/crafting/heroic 2/4s. That is how the bracket functions. In Endgame things are different. If you had PVP and PVE gear shared then you would require one side or the other (depending on the rate of gear acquisition) to participate in something they don't want to do to acquire gear at a faster rate. Of course you could just have a generic PVP set available to all, then expertise wouldn't be needed, but that is a different discussion.
  11. Your list of cons are applicable to a lot of classes, yet those classes also do not have the same pros as Maras. 1. Very susceptible to being kited. This con is arguable, but for argument's sake I will grant you this. Concealment Ops and dps Assasins are even more susceptible to kiting than Maras. Any difficulty in staying on a target is shared with Juggs as well. You have a talent tree that helps to mitigate this weakness. You also need this weakness or else your damage would have to be toned down. 2. Very low survivability outside of defensive CDs. Everyone dies quickly outside of defensive CDs. The difference between medium armor and heavy armor is very little, especially in a PVP context. Focus fire is the real danger in PVP, and Maras are given 2 great CDs to counter focus fire. Mara CDs are also fairly short considering the amount of CDs they have and the strength of those CDs. 3. Nearly no utility outside of pure damage. This is not true. Maras provide 2 unique group utility abilities in Predation and Bloodthirst, in addition to being 1 of only 2 ACs that have a healing debuff. You certainly bring more utility than all other dps classes/specs. 4. Are hard countered by Snipers in Group PVP to an almost impossible degree. Your con is you are countered by the least played AC in the game. Every class has a hard time killing operative healers because they are built to be elusive so you are again not alone on that con. 5. Very weak at killing tanks in PVP. Very few tanks actually utilize tanking stats because they have less usefulness in PVP. Further, the tanks you are likely talking about are tanksins which take everyone a long time to kill because of CDs and self-healing capability. I see very few full tank Juggs and virtually no full tank PTs as you are just sacrificing too much for minimal survivability. But, if you really want to kill tanks you can gear for more accuracy to overcome their defensive stats, of course this would lower your damage to all other targets. Or you can just go kill the healers or dps, instead of attacking the tanks. I don't want them to gut Maras, but small adjustments need to be made for PVP balance (something that Bioware decided to just throw out in 1.2). Edit: Tanksins need to be adjusted as well, and worse performing ACs brought up a bit.
  12. You obviously didn't read the part where I stated you need to stop to heal at the right time, ie when you use CC, you break LOS, or you are baiting or have baited an interrupt with the fast heal. No healer now can just sit and cast heals, as they could pre 1.2. Op healers have always had to be elusive and resource conscious, so this is nothing new to them, but a complete shift for the other healers. Merc/commando healers needed a nerf to efficiency in both PVE and PVP (as you see in my signature I also play a commando), I think the nerf went a bit too far in 1.2, but it is just made worse by the lowered endurance on PVP gear and the prevalence of Mara/sents and subsequently the constant 20% healing reduction.
  13. This forces players to use CC on ravage, and then not be able to use it when you pop your defensive CDs. If you ravage while they can move that is your own fault, you have the ability to root and a talent that makes ravage root the target if you can't be bothered to use charge. The change was a buff. "Intimidating Roar no longer costs Rage to activate." http://www.swtor.com/patchnotes/1.2.0/legacy Unless it is bugged for Marauders, it does not to cost rage to use for Juggs. That isn't as big of a deal as the interrupt as it is only one rage per minute, compared to the potential 1 rage every 8 (6 talented) seconds. Obfuscate is free and off the GCD (which is the bigger change), it is a buff, especially against those pesky snipers. That is partially the reason for the way the game is now, as any half decent healer would dispel it pre 1.2. But with the prevalence of Mara/sent post 1.2 there is almost always a 20% debuff on healing, making the healing changes look worse than they actually are. It is a buff to Mara utility, granted a small buff. But Mara/Sent bring unique utility, on top of damage and survivability. It didn't really need a buff. How is it a buff to everyone? It is a buff to Warriors, regardless of whether it was to bring it in line with other ACs similar abilities. Except that for snipers their CD is 12 seconds for Takedown, while yours is 6 seconds (and free), you can utilize yours more frequently, meaning yours is stronger now. Except that you have made the errors in class knowledge in your post, and tossing around insults does not help your position.
  14. If you can't dps through HoTs and the instant, then you are undergeared compared to the Op, you play a tank spec, the op is guarded, or you are not CCing the Op sub 30%.
  15. I use that heal all the time to bait an interrupt (which works a lot of the time), and if they don't it is still a bigger heal than the instant, especially with the +30% on crit talent. Sure sub-30% health I am spamming that instant, but the fast heal has its use. You can stop moving, and you have to against competent dps because hots and instants will not keep you up. You just have to do it at the right time (Out of LoS, when you CC, after you have baited an interrupt).
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