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The new forums are much better organised


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I like the current setup, this is much more organised (and tidy, for now). You can actually read the new posts in the General Forum before they are pushed back to the second or third page immediately after posting. But anyway, still, having a longer font page won't hurt.


Having a Crafting forum is good and some helpful posters are copying and pasting some useful beta info to it now. People are starting to do the same on other forums as well. Many thanks for that.


But where is the Suggestion Forum? I suppose it could be bundled up with the General Forum but having a seperate one might help the community and the devs to track what is being asked for the most (like bigger font size for the subtitles and chat bubbles).


I can see people are asking for a seperate Servers Forums. It is a good idea for organising group events (like a server-specific Christmas fight/party/gathering). We do have a lot of servers at this time nonetheless and the list will be long. I suppose we could have a simpler one for the time being, something like: Servers -> US East/West/EU -> PvP/PvE/RP. Servers being the main folder, and US East/West/EU being the sub-folder and then PvP/PvE/RP being the sub-subfolder under US/etc.


Anyway, just want to say I like this new forums. That's all.

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