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A day in the life of a late pre-order.


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8:00AM - Excited, Anticipating the extra early release.

10:00AM - Forum Trolling, Waiting on an email.

12:00AM - Still no email....consider doing RL things, but dont.

2:00PM - Another wave..no email..starting to get mad...but there are more waves.

3:00PM - Forum Trolling, Waiting on an email, again.

5:00PM - Last wave, still no email. RAGE!!!!

5:01PM - Claim to cancel pre-order.

5:02PM - Express how terrible a job bioware is doing.

5:03PM - Start a thread about going back to wow.

5:04PM - Claim that just because I ordered yesterday I deserve to play NOW!!!!

5:05PM - Eat an entire pizza out of frustration.....

5:30PM - Damn I shouldnt have eaten all that pizza, I need to work out.

6:00PM - Check forums one last time hoping they are letting more in!


6:01PM - ???? Repeat above steps until my email arrives.


?:??AM/PM - Email Arrives and I now claim that bioware is the greatest company on earth.

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Greetings Everyone!


We understand that the negative comments and attitude on the forums today have been unpleasant. We still ask that you promote a positive community environment by staying on topic to the discussion of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. We'll be closing this thread now to help keep the forums on topic.

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