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Why people are upset about this EGA.


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I have been siting here for better part of the day reading/posting threads, watching live EGA streams and other EGA related information and events unfold and I must admit it has been the most awkward feeling I have experienced in a gaming launch.


Like a large percentage of the mmo population, I like new games and new experiences and most importantly I like to compete. The problem is that to compete in an mmo for some of us means leading the charge, going hard core for an advantage and just being with our friends during this launch process. None of this is compatible with the EGA bioware has designed for launch.


Regardless of what a lot of people say, what bioware has done by starting preorder 6 months ago for a staggered 5 day early access is segregated the fan base into haves and have not. With any segregated population there is going to be conflict. This conflict is surely what is driving the hate in all trolls, fan bois, haves and have nots.


I'm sure everyone will be happy once they get some digital respect and start leveling the characters we will enjoy for the foreseeable future. In the meantime I expect tensions will only get worse as more people get access to the game while the have nots become the minority and really feel out of place.

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