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Name: Holdasho Kaarr
Aliases: No known aliases
Species: Human
Age: ?
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Guns-for-hire
Affiliation: Clan Kaarr, Mandalorians

Known Information:
Holdasho Kaarr of Clan Kaarr is a humble Mandalorian clan dedicated to living in the Mandalorian ways. His family was already dedicated to the Mandalorians, and thus their ways were instilled into him since birth. As a lone wanderer, Holdasho still keeps strong ties with Clan Kaarr, often visiting Mandalore or other sanctuaries of his clan to share news and supplies.

This makes him known to few across the galaxy as an honest and effective bounty hunter. He drew some notorious fame among certain circles after performing orders in Hutta and Nar Shaddaa.

Clad in custom-smithed Mandalorian armor forged from the legendary beskar metal, Holdasho Kaarr is a sight to behold. Sleek, yet lined with unique markings indicating his house of Clan Kaarr, innocuous etchings, and other discreet etchings that identify the craftsman of his armor, his village, his conquests, and his battles, he also hides his features behind a helmet with a T-shaped visor, shadowing his personality as he appears imposingly built. What he conceals under his armor or helm, no one knows, except the harsh voice, or maybe just attuned by his helmet.

He has strong morals and shows loyalty. He respects Mandalorian traditions and is a real stickler for observing the Mandalorian Code of Honor to the dot. He is a lone wolf, quiet and calm by nature, staying away from relationships that are just a waste of his own time. He keeps to himself, yet is highly respected due to his determination and professionalism. Holdasho enjoys his unsettled lifestyle; he is always in motion. He was too much a warrior to take pleasure in tending to his everyday chores. From planet to planet, he travels in search of bounties. His word is his bond.

Skills & Talents:
- Holdasho, like all Mandalorians, is a master in combat. A born warrior with a flair for hand-to-hand combat, excellence in the operation of several kinds of weapons is evident in his character. His Beskar armor keeps him safe against hostile forces in some of the most challenging battles.
- He is well-versed in survival skills, moving through challenging terrain—becoming a great scout and predator.
Multilingual: Huttese, Mando'a, Galactic Basic Standard, and Aqualish.

- With his loner nature, he's not often dependent on others, thus creating situations where a lack of support becomes a determining factor.
- Unyielding adherence to the Code of Honor at times leads others to use his loyalty and beliefs against him.
- His neutrality over disputes that do not personally involve him has sometimes led to misunderstandings, at times even resentment from other factions or individuals who would expect his support.



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