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Bring back AP PT to life

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Nowdays we wont see very often ap pt in game (dont want to say that this subclass is very rare to meet), players mostly going as pyro. I would say its becasue higher pyro sustained dps output. As far i understand ap pt idea is to be at below average at dps tables, and got many additional skills. But pyro also get them, so there is not too many reasons for players to choose ap pt. So i was thinking what could be made to bring back to life ap pt in the game.

- easy change to normal full mid distace character - at skill tree, add to Advanced Yield skill like a flying fist (like its at tactical) (make subclass even more mobile). Would be nice also to add here 10m range for shoulder cannon

- so 10m range for shoulder cannon would be moved from efficient suit skill, mabye put there some buff for kolto overload (or some buff to prototype armor skill); pyro has better dps, so maybe ap pt should has better survivability/deffences.

- termiantor droid - make this skills accesable outside from skill tree. At skill tree i think it should be to choose boost to terminator droid. For example, we have TD with only slow effect and revealing stealthed, but additional option from skill tree is giving accuracy reduction and immobilizing (or even something more). Ap pt is about technology, give more technology to this subclass.

- move Prototype Particle Accelerator skill to earlier levels. Its skill needed for basic rotation. Who would like to play character that cant make normal basic rotation for a big part of story. F2P players have also big problem here.

- would be nice to add at power loader skill one or two missiles to shoulder cannon ;) or maybe some % like +20% to trigger additional rocket.

This maybe wont change very much, but i think it would make ap pt more friendly to use and more interesting to play. Bring back ap pt to life.

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AP honestly isn't in that bad a place. Sure its sustained isn't fantastic. But it brings amazing burst and armour debuff which makes it very good on a handful of fights, and viable on most (if not all). 

That said PPA 100% should be available on a lower level, it coming so late absolutely ruins the leveling experience.

The range idea would be nice as well tbh. Having everything on a 10-15m range would be interesting. I think a baseline flying fists would do the job. It would make AP swtor's first mid-range spec and I'm all for it. But I don't think any further buffs are necessary. 

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