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Info about what role each companion used to have before change?


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Anyone konw if there is a list or chart that shows what roles (tank/heal/dps) every companion in game used to have before the change? I know we can assign any companion any role now but I would like to know for roleplaying reasons and curiosity.



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Occasionally when leveling alts I set my comps to roles they used to default to prior to 4.0, so I still remember. To preface this, all companions had a secondary DPS stance you could use at any time (yes DPS companions had two DPS roles, out of which the non-default one always kinda sucked), which was especially amusing with Doctor Lokin who turned into a rakghoul when it was used.

Jedi Knight

  • T7-01 - ranged Tank (I don't recommend letting him tank today as his leap has been glitched since 4.0 and he'll just keep grappling enemies instead to get closer to them, likely screwing you out of both melee range and any time you want to use AoE abilities)
  • Kira - melee DPS
  • Doc - Healer
  • Rusk - ranged DPS
  • Scourge - melee Tank

Jedi Consular

  • Qyzen - melee Tank
  • Tharan - Healer (just keep him as healer all the time, since his signature Holiday stun is present in all his roles, so as DPS he'll just have two stuns instead of useful abilities)
  • Zenith - ranged DPS
  • Iresso - ranged Tank
  • Nadia - melee DPS


  • Corso - ranged Tank
  • Bowdarr - melee Tank
  • Risha - ranged DPS
  • Akaavi - melee DPS
  • Guss - Healer

Republic Trooper

  • Aric - ranged DPS
  • Elara - Healer
  • M1-4X - ranged Tank (same deal with T7, has a broken leap, I just let him heal or DPS these days)
  • Vik - melee Tank
  • Yuun - melee DPS

Sith Warrior

  • Vette - ranged DPS
  • Quinn - Healer
  • Jaesa - melee DPS
  • Pierce - ranged Tank
  • Broonmark - melee Tank

Sith Inquisitor

  • Khem - melee Tank
  • Andronikos - ranged DPS
  • Ashara - melee DPS
  • Talos - Healer
  • Xalek - melee Tank (interesting anomaly for the Inquisitor, as they never had a ranged Tank prior to 4.0, but now you can just force Andronikos or Talos to get shot at!)

Imperial Agent

  • Kaliyo - ranged Tank
  • Vector - melee DPS
  • Lokin - Healer
  • Temple - ranged DPS
  • SCORPIO - melee Tank (fun fact: she changes to a ranged character after you begin KotFE)

Bounty Hunter

  • Mako - Healer
  • Gault - ranged DPS
  • Torian - melee DPS
  • Blizz - ranged Tank
  • Skadge - melee Tank

That about covers it. Personally nowadays I leave melee companions to tank and ranged companions to DPS, with the previously designated healers staying as healers throughout.

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Thank you kindly for this well written and informative post.


I also use the companions in their old default roles (most of the time) to keep the roleplaying vibe going. I haven't played the Jedi Kinight and Sith inquisitor classes yet so I still have a few new companions to learn to know.


Imperial Agent was the second class I played way back when I started but along the way I must have forgotten that Kaliyo used to be ranged Tank and has used her as DPS. It's back to tank duty for Kaliyo now 😀


Again, thank you very much for your help!

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For anyone that has finished all the companion stories, you can see in the legacy window what the original role was for each companion. On the companion perks screen, the tooltips for each companion mentions their role. It's no good for new players but for veterans who finished all the companion stories, it's a quick reference of the original companion roles.

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