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7.5 Content on the PTS Round 2 + Updates!

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Hey everyone! 

We just kicked out a new PTS build for you all to check out! Below are items that we are tracking based on your feedback. 

Basilisk Prototype Venture - Fixes

  • Updated task descriptions on the Venture screen to make objectives clearer.
  • The Iokath bonus mission for B3-S1 training now refers to completing the World Boss instead of a Heroic Mission.
  • Corrected some instances where B3-S1 appeared in Lane's Lab while she was active as a companion.
  • Changed requirements for progression steps that required players to use B3-S1's abilities. These steps should now count the use of any of that role's abilities.
  • Added a 'Training Reminder' mission to remind players to use another training module while completing the introduction mission.
  • Missions like Unconventional Methods on Ruhnuk, where you control a droid or other entity, may not work as intended with B3-S1. On PTS, Unconventional Methods will grant training progress, but B3-S1 will be present while you control the mouse droid. We are discussing a wider solution for missions like this one.
  • Added a button (“Lane’s Lab”) to the Venture screen that transports you to Ruhnuk so you can easily return to Lane’s Lab.
  • Added a button to the Venture screen that allows players to obtain the introductory mission if they are eligible.

Dantooine Spring Event - Fixes

  • Add Daily/Weekly descriptors to mission names for clarity
  • Replaced the step on Seed Sourcing: Nar Shaddaa to use an extra action button to place the order with an interaction with the terminal to mitigate confusion.
  • The cultivation droid now has sound effects for harvesting and watering plants.
  • Germination Missions on Mek-Sha and Nar Shaddaa and Creature Rehabilitation mission only awards credits
  • If a player doesn't loot the fish crate at the end of Zap-a-Fish on their first interaction with it, it should no longer become unlootable.
  • Humanoid companions will now participate in the Festive Spring Dance with you, and they will sit down when you do during Zap-a-Fish.
  • Using fertilizer on Y’limerson Dewbell plants during Cultivation should now be more consistent.

Mission Updates: Creature Husbandry

  • Updated several mission objective descriptions to improve clarity.
  • Improved map display for Orobird nests on Rishi and made it easier to tell where they are when found. Updated the positions of the transport carriers.
  • Transport carriers are now easier to interact with.
  • Re-worked steps on Alderaan with nerfs to improve mission flow.
  • Made improvements to mission flow and clarity on Hoth.
  • Removed the "Check on Creatures" step after returning to the farm.
  • Improved appearances for several visual effects and interactable objects in the mission.
  • Interacting with the Creature Care Guide now displays more information to players about its contents.  
  • Relocated Veterinary Equipment to the barn.
  • Wrangling the creatures now produces a follower of that creature type.
  • Improved visual feedback with carriers and creatures on steps for taking creatures to carriers to be released back into the wilds.

Dantooine Spring Event - Tracking

  • There is no global map location for the Rishi Egg Hunt mission.
  • [WEEKLY] Seed Sourcing: Dantooine is not repeatable

One new feature that players will see on this iteration of PTS is a Pop Up Window that will give players a short but informative overview of new content that has been added in any given update. This window will appear once when new content has been added to the game. It is still a work in progress as we need to update messaging and the functionality of it, but we wanted to give you all a look into this feature as early as possible. 



To help keep info on the new iteration of PTS in one spot, I’ll be locking the initial PTS announcement thread and keeping this one open. Please continue to use the Basilisk Protype and Dantooine Spring Event feedback threads as you have been! 

Thanks all!

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Any chance we can preview the new hairstyle/beard on our transferred toons or if not, in the character creation? I want to see how it looks and to better consider it as a purchase or not. 

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The new updates screen is functioning. The description text is very small for my 2560x1440 screen, using what I think is the "Default" user interface setting. When I closed it to try and adjust my settings I couldn't figure out how to re-open or re-see it. It did not pop up on the second character I logged in to (I assume this is intended, good). I guessed it might be under the ! exclamation window on the top right but did not see it there.

It seems cool - I often have players ask me about the newest updates as if they are maybe not fully aware of what's going on or what's coming up - but I think they may be more players who are not actually logging in recently or playing.

My first impression was "cool!" then my immediate second was "are the developers actually going to manage to keep this updated...?" the launcher has some occasionally issues where it shows old news which causes some major confusion. 

I love the eligibility column that is a common player question for all new content. The phrasing is good and correct to how players understand instructions for eligibility. 

The story column at the top might be confusing for players who are not  caught up with the story. I know it is PTS so the story is not available but i clicked it and it went to my mission log with older story to complete in it.

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Player feedback via twitter: Raansu @RaansuOmiyari  "Hopefully its not yet another pop up I have to immediately close and don't have an option to tick a box to say "do not open on login"

I did not see a setting to turn it off haha.

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