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Question about Sith Juggernaut

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While leveling, just use any DPS gear (any gear with Accuracy, Alacrity, Critical) and avoid Tanking gear (anything with Shield, Absorption, Defense ratings).

Then at level 80:

110% for PvE - requires 2694 Accuracy rating
105% for PvP - requires 1393 Accuracy rating

Alacrity - enough for 1.4s GCD
1.4s GCD without Zeal guild perk - requires 2054 Alacrity rating
1.4s GCD with Zeal guild perk - requires 560 Alacrity rating

Critical - Put all the rest of the rating points here. You have 5,866 rating points to work with at 336 item rating, so this leaves about 1,000 for Critical rating, not counting augments. Augments can increase that much higher.

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