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An Idea How to Make Space PvP Combat...


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...when it comes.


Because you know it is :D


I refer you to the game Allods Online. Probably one of the best Free-to-Play MMOs, but like all FtP's, is kind of stupid in some game-breaking ways. But you know, like all the players do, you just go "it's free", lol.


---Space Combat in that other game---


You get 3 or 4 of your buddies together - and each one manned a different thing on your ship. Shields/guns/etc. You would then find another player - fight them, and at one point you board them like pirates and steal their loot! (sometimes randomly generated by game)


Now how frickin cool is that?


Anyways, what are some other opinions about this?


More about Allods ship PvP, called Astral ship combat, found here:



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