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Returning player

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I once was one of the first players(Founder!), but after playing for over four years decided to quit bc of private issues.

Now im returning after years, any essential tips?


Greetings from the Netherlands

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Well, for one, to get a better idea of what is new, I suggest you make a completely new char and start from 0 on that one, and play trough the entire game on that. Only then, start catching up on your old chars. 

Second, figure out how you want to gear up those old chars of yours. PvP, Solo or group content (Fp's and Ops). That is 3 different ways. And it sucks to mix them up, because you can not inter change or exchange different types of gear for others. So stick to one play style. Sorry, but that is the sucky dicky way gearing is now. 

Edit: Oh, and solo players are really limited in their gear options, it can be done to get a fair level of gear, but it is a grind of unnatural proportions.

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