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Boost Character

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You can buy 'boosts' from the Cartel Market.

The Master's Datacron just jacks your character up to level 80 (or maybe only 70) without putting the character at any specific point in the story. It also doesn't lock out any parts.

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6 hours ago, TengelTheLight said:

Is there a way to get a new boost character?

Or how do the Master Datacron work, can I go to the same story as with the boost character?


What @JediQuaker said is essentially correct, and I can confirm that the "start at elevated level" mode is, indeed, just level 70.

Concerning the stories, in fact the Master's Datacron, as JQ said, just lifts your start-at-level-1 character's level to 70 without changing anything else about the character except for giving your character the same origin-specific starship that the character would get by playing the story, if you haven't already progressed that far.

The character can then progress through a big pile of story that the start-at-70 character is assumed to have already done before reaching the point where the at-70 starts.

Key point: SWTOR has one main story (subdivided in the early part into eight parallel streams depending on your chosen origin), not a set of individual stories like you find in e.g. ESO.

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