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Can we please get back to killing Malavai Quinn?


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Dear Sirs!

In the early days of vanilla, when Malavai Quinn did what he did... You know... THAT thing... You had the option to kill him.
In those days he was the primary healing companion and players who sucked at the game usually believed he was the only healing companion and thus they cried very loudly about not having a healer (Even though they did...) after killing him.
Sadly, you caved to their incessant complaining and changed the storyline so that you no longer could kill the puny worm.

Now that any companion can be a healer, could we remove that plot armor from him?
Also, could those of us who reluctantly had to only slap him around a bit when we passed that point in the story get to kill him retroactively? Please?
I imagine a pop-up conversation on the ship where he goes "Yes, my Lord?" and we get to chose between "Oh, nothing, never mind." and "Come here a sec... (Kill Malavai Quinn)"

Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? 🙂

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The truth is that it doesn't make any sense to kill him afterwards, it's just absurd, you had at least 4 chances to kill him, after the betrayal, after killing Baras, when going to Makeb and then in Rishi and Yavin 4, that is, they already passed almost 2 or 3 years after his betrayal and you did nothing why would you kill him after 8 or 10 years of his betrayal in iokath?

bioware try hard to keep all the idiots happy but it takes away depth from the game, people think the game runs at the same speed as they play, ie in 1-2 weeks you finish the whole story and that in only 2 weeks you went from acolyte to wrath of the emperor xD

if malavai who is still alive, it is because the SW is not a brute as they make it seem, he saw his importance for his cause in the long term and spared his life, let's say that he is "part of History" as well as the anger of the empire , it is part of its lore and the player cannot alter that no matter how much they want

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There are too many options in this original games beta stages that was removed. I personally dont want BW to change anything anymore, because if they do, I would have to delete and start over on my bounty hunter, just because of Tyresius Lokai and Skadge. I used every darkside option on both of them, and they STILL invaded my ship... I mean, honestly, Quinn is a lovely saint compared to those two. 

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