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Continuity Updates


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I've played this game basically since launch (no I'm not trying to make myself sound high and mighty) and a common complaint I've had regarding other playthroughs is the lack of timeline continuity. 


Mainly what I mean by this is that there are often instances where your actions would've seen total victory for your faction in taking over a planet. But the victory means very little. Most npcs (especially in the launch or pre-2.0 content) often say something along the lines of: "you've won this planet and the enemy is in full retreat. There may be still some pockets of enemies lying around but you still won".

Like I understand that you can't just depopulate the planet of enemies, but there are cases where permanently changing some things in the environment would help with the illusion that your actions throughout the game made a difference.

Here are some possible examples: 

1. Remove Satele Shan and Darth Malgus from the Flashpoint briefings after Knights of the Fallen Empire and The Ilum quest line respectively and replace them with some generic officers. 

2. Remove the quest giving Jedi and Sith on Tython and Korriban after those respective Flashpoints are completed during the Forged Alliance storyline (they all get killed during those flashpoints)

There are other possibilities but that's my overall opinion on the matter. Traveling to pre-launch planets often make me feel that I'm going back in time rather than traveling to a planet within a single timeline. Showing some visual changes to worlds which you take the time to "save" or "conquer" could really help with overall immersion.

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