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Stuck in loading page


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5 minutes ago, Iwannaplaywithu said:

After I choose my character it gets stuck in the loading page and never seems to be loaded. I don´t know what to do since I'm a subscriber and I'm loosing a day of subscription due to this problem.

hi there,, you'll probably need  to contact  *Support*  for a personal computer/login troubleshooting circumstance like you're describing.   Hopefully someday BioWare will add a 'Tech Support' section here in the new forums. :cool:

Annnnyyyyways, the following options could possibly be worth checking out ( if you haven't already) :

*That last option #4 is probably your best bet, assuming  you're already using the NEW Launcher--> https://forums.swtor.com/topic/926275-game-update-72-showdown-on-ruhnuk-launches-december-13th/?do=findComment&comment=9732352

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