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Tokens to Change Combat Style


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I don't think the current system of 'your combat style is permanent!' is very fair for some of us who have sentimental value tied to the exact character we're playing, and can't possibly reroll. Before you say, 'it would enable you to buy tokens and just switch to a flavor of the month class every time the meta changes!!', you can already do that. It's called boosting an alt.

Anyways, I rolled my mercenary with one of my childhood best friends many eons ago, and he unfortunately took his own life almost 2 years ago now. I have so many items in my possession that were given to me throughout our leveling experience when we were young, and I can't let those go.

Not only that, I returned to SWTOR after a lengthy hiatus, resubbed, and asked an old warzone buddy of mine if the combat style choice was truly permanent. To which his reply was, 'you can buy a token in the store to change it, dude!'. Boy, was I naive. Whether it was some malice-fueled mean-spirited prank, or genuine misinformation that rendered my FOREVER-MAIN unplayable and unfun, I do not know. But what about those of us who can't reroll? What about those of us who were desperately misinformed or misled, and made a dire mistake out of simply not wanting to think about their endgame build right now, so that they could get back to questing? There needs to be a solution to these problems.

Whether it's in the form of a $100 combat style respec token, or the ability to write a ticket and get a once-per-character-lifetime re-do, it doesn't matter. I'll happily throw my wallet into deep space if it means my best friend and basically brother's side-kick is playable again, and not a mess of two horrible classes I don't want to play in their current state. Please, Bioware -- have a heart. Don't leave us hanging like this.

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