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restoring the game economy


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hi all


i have been playing this game for over 10 years now and i have been irritated (understatement) for a while now by the economy in swtor, i mean a hypercrate for example, i remember when i used to buy one and think 40 million was expensive but now 1 cartel pack is 400 million.

So 400 mill gets you 4 items and of those 4 there are 2 useless and 2 maybe worth a little but nowhere near what you payed for em.

especially for new players this is a problem since they do not earn many creds.

so i have some ideas;

- bring back the different hypercrates and the hypercrate sales. that way there will be more items for sale and prices will drop.

- create a one gtn for all servers, that way there will be more items for sale and prices will drop.

- don`t bind so much to character or legacy that way there will be more items for sale and prices will drop.

- only bind endgame gear mods because they will always be expensive and that will leav some players with to many credits.

- put contraband slot machines in casino`s all over the game and put some nice prices in there like stuff from old hypercrates or new stronghold keys. so people have more to spend their credits on

these are just a few ideas of mine;-)

also a true legacy storage that is accessible from any server would not only help but also be awesome.


Dash Wolfe

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I posted this reply to someone who complained about the in-game economy. What i really like about your post is that you offer solutions to your problem…



My argument is this: Credits are literally free in this game. They are on the ground on just about every planet. You get them by killing bad guys. Some may consider that “work” in a game built for entertainment. With “free money” comes inflation. People should take note of this because art imitates life with “equal outcome”, but i digress. 


But in a world where you can gain free “money”, those same people complain about inflated prices of imaginary things in a world of free credits.

Value is subjective. what I may be willing to pay for an item is completely up to me. If i dont have enough, then i can work for it until I do. I can EARN it. 


And if you play this game enough, youre crapping out credits. Billions. There are also other ways to increase your bank roll but people dont want to put work into anything. 


I think there should be no cap on the GTN, legacy or how much a toon can carry. Those who want/can work for it, do. Those who want instant gratification or who take that lovely sense of entitlement, complain. 


Maybe Im wrong. 


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