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How's Shadow in PvP? (and can anyone recommend builds?)

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Sin/Shadow is fragile.


As a tank you can survive without doing much dmg*, as burst you might be able to kill people fast enough before dying, and as a dot... well... you can always stealth scum and get ignored by half of the server, the build time for any real damage is very high.


* Of course if you know your class and are perfectly geared, etc, most classes are viable, specially if you take mobility specs and double cloak, but the point of a Shadow/Sin is being fragile but doing good dps to compensate, which isn't very reliable against classes that do dps but aren't nearly as fragile, or with good self-heals, or even with roots 

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I play Deception and most are right if you arent aware of your surroundings you'll get melted. But I do play Deception Sin and get around 5-7M damage a round with about 25-35 kills around. I am by no means hard-core pvper. If i was home i'd post the pics of a few of my best fights. and I do love my sin its my main on both sides.

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On 1/9/2023 at 3:36 AM, SentinalMasterWW said:

Deception is the meta, especially when running with the two cloaks tactical. Serenity can be fun buts its just a glass cannon that dies REALLY Quick.

Infiltration/Deception is broken AF right now ... stealth is not working like it should be and they removed spin-kick ability ... probably gonna give it to the other classes ... lmao


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On 1/8/2023 at 6:36 PM, Farstrider said:

Hi all,

I'd love to hear how Shadow is post update 7.2, and for any recommendations around PvP builds.

I've had a look around but there are scarce any PvP builds from the usual suspects.


As others have said deception with shadowcraft is decent. Its basically the stealth version of AP PT... but with less burst and less range but you can make it up with stunlock rotation.

Also with double cloak - this is pretty advanced but if you have judged the situation to be safe - you can cloak in for offensive stealth to trigger shadowcraft again. So you can x2 shadowcraft sometimes - or use offensive stealth to finish a enemy when you need that extra final burst.

The introduction of the implant shadowcraft has made assasin interesting and fun to play again even though they removed Spike.

IN Arenas 4vs4 dps you will shine as long as there isnt too many ranged classes (sins bad vs kiters). IN healer-tank games you will suffer since your sustained dps is bad as deception and your attacks are mostly 4m attacks ... you dont have a 30m filler attack ability like PT or Operative.

So the class is not as a easy as just jump in as Jugg or Merc and you will do fine. It requires a lot of skills to get the most out of assasin in pvp. Because your squishy af so you have to rely a lot on cc and positional awareness.

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On 7/27/2023 at 5:20 AM, eThuggz said:

i find it funny that the game is so broke that people are running tanks in pvp lmao smh ggs 

Jugg skank tanks have been meta for a while now. I've been maining an Assassin skank tank since 7.1 and I love it. It's versatile, has great movement, you can support your team and still do good damage. Sin tanks are not at all meta of course and it's not a particularily strong build, but it's fun to master and can be quite rewarding.

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