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Ticketsystem ingame for everyone


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(English is not my first language. so pls go easy on me ^^ )

So I have paid a subcription for SWTOR ever since i started playing. Recently i had a problem with my subription. I paid for my subcription but ingame i wasnt a subcirber anymore. Thanks to the support this problem was solved quickly.  

I wanted to write a ticket when i noticed that i wasn`t a subcriber anymore like i wrote tickets for other problems i had before. Because of that i found out that only subcriber can write a ticket ingame and i dont think this is fair.  The oppurtunity to write a ticket when someone has a problem ingame should be availble für everyone. In my opinion it shouldnt matter if u pay for a game or not. As long as u want to enjoy a game and have a problem everyone should receive the same oppotunity of help.

I hope the ticketsystem ingame will be changed so that everyone can write a ticket ingame if help is needed.  It is easier this way because i as an example wanted to atleast write a E-Mail if i cant write a ticket. But i couldnt find the E-Mail of the support of the SWTOR support. I only found the Phone numbers of the support. Usually i have to work pretty long everyday so i cant contact the support via phone.

Well i hope i am not the only who sees this like I do

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On 1/4/2023 at 11:44 AM, Chryptyk said:

Not only that, i think that non-subs should be able to post on the forums too.

Let them put some skin in the game and ante up a subscription first, otherwise any troll could create a new account in the space of five minutes and come out here to the forums to spam gold seller ads or trash up the forums with juvenile profane messages, and when those accounts get taken down, they'd just create more.

No thank you.

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