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Update on Galactic Seasons 3


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Hey everyone,

Thanks for your patience as we rolled out patch 7.1.1. We discovered an issue in Galactic Season 3's data during our maintenance testing window. In order to ensure a smooth experience for players, Galactic Seasons 3 is not starting with today's patch and will be effectively "turned off".

So while 7.1.1 is live right now, we will be working to deploy a fix for Galactic Season 3 to go live as soon as we can. Players can expect that servers will be coming down for a short amount of time during that deployment. We will continue to update the community on this thread as we have more details to share.

Thank you

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Hi everyone, 

Happy to report that Galactic Seasons 3 will be launching tomorrow, October 20. We will be taking down the servers from 7am - 9am CT / 12pm - 2pm UTC. Should this change, I will update the thread here. 


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